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Continually Resizing Column Widths in QuickBooks Desktop Screens?

Frustrated with QB Column Widths

Are you as frustrated as I am by having to constantly resize your screen widths in QuickBooks desktop products (Pro, Premier and Enterprise)?

If you are, please take just a moment and share your thoughts on this topic with the developers at QuickBooks by clicking Help > Send Feedback Online > Bug Report (these clicks are to be done directly within your QuickBooks when it is running...)

Do it now while you're thinking of it!

Maybe, just maybe, this issue will get into the programming queue and be fixed once and for all (I have no idea as to why it has taken years and is still not resolved - @Intuit, any feedback you can share here?)

We can dream, can't we?

If anyone has found a solution to this ongoing problem with QuickBooks, please share it with us. Please....



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Hi Wayne:

Yes, my settings are as you suggested. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Scott Gregory, QuickBooks Expert


Is your Desktop View Preference set to "Save when closing company"? That might be why some have success.

It works sometimes. I agree with with this frustration.

Sometimes if you hit Windows - Close All it will remember some things.

it is being reported that some folks have had luck with this as follows:
> Set your columns as desired
> Click File > Close Company instead of just closing QB via the X in the upper right hand corner
> Your columns should be as you left them the next time you open QB

I have not had success with this method, but wanted to pass it along to you in case you do!

Scott Gregory

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