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QuickBooks 2018 - What New Features are You Hoping to See?

If history repeats itself, we'll be seeing a new version of QuickBooks desktop software released sometime in the fall of 2017 (don't confuse this with the Online version of QuickBooks). By desktop, I mean the Pro, Premier and/or Enterprise editions of QuickBooks. Sorry Mac users - I don't expect to see any new editions of that version ever again...

If you were drawing up a list of new features for QuickBooks 2018, what would you like to see?

Here's my list:

  • The ability to see gross profit margins automatically on quotes, sales orders and invoices

  • The ability to have much more functionality with e-mail addresses
    • For example, there could be a field for the "Accounting Department E-Mail" so that all invoices being sent out would go there instead of having to deal with the very limited use of the two existing e-mail fields

  • Being able to see the contents of the custom fields for inventory and non-inventory automatically appear on the screen without having to click the Custom Fields button every time!
    Custom Fields Displayed

  • An authoritative fix for the years-old problem with the Memorized Reports list getting corrupted and memorized reports being lost

  • A fix to allow the screens in QuickBooks to fully display and not get cut off at the bottom  - for example, you can't see the save and close or other buttons in the lower right corner because the screen does not "fit" properly

  • The option to simply delete a transaction from Intuit Merchant Services that does not post properly when downloading credit card transactions. Intuit tells me these drop off the screen after 6 months - why not allow the user to simply delete it?

  • The ability to fix sales tax reporting when the various codes get out of whack. Fixing the sales tax payable balance is easy. Trying to fix the breakdown of that balance across codes - a huge hassle.

  • Turning on the Enter key preference and Use Today's Date preference by default - I've seen these two things throw many new users into a state of confusion over the years.

  • Add a date paid stamp to bills, just like what was done to invoices

  • Expand the cash flow projector tool beyond a 6 week window. This was a great start a long time ago, but haven't seen anything new with this tool for years.

  • Allow multiple vendors/costs  for those vendors to be stored for an inventory or non-inventory item

  • Having an inventory stock status by item report that shows the qty of each LOT on the report - it current shows the lot numbers in stock, but not the quantities of those lots.

  • A sales by customer by product report - please?

I'd love to hear what's on your mind when it comes to new features and functionality in QuickBooks 2018! If you're reading this online, just drop your comments in the box below. If you're reading this via e-mail, just click the "view in browser" link to take you to the web site for easy posting.



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I happen to agree with all you suggestions for new features Unfortunately, the 2018 Version has a number of things that aren't on your list - and are rather obtuse if you ask me (other than multiple monitors - which is very cool)

Some of your suggestions are a blinding flash of the obvious. I've been using QuickBooks since the very first edition, and a number of items you mention have been ignored for years.

I wonder when these people will wake up.

Would like to see unbilled time report that calculates the rate x the hours & arrives at the cost value to be billed out.

Hello Scott,
This is an excellent list. Please keep up the good work. We are an architectural firm and use QB professional Desktop to track time on our individual jobs. As part of our month end invoicing, I find myself adjusting time our architects charge to the individual jobs, I run monthly time reports and select the unit of time which needs adjusting from the actual report using the "Single Activity" function (this is automatic from QB's).

May I suggest going directly to the weekly time report or simply running a report to make a wholesale change.
Thank you,

'Receive Payment' printed receipt to have serial number as sales receipts and invoices. My customers are leaving QuickBooks because receipts for paid invoices do not have receipt numbers. Intuit needs to make this receipt customizable that we can even include company logo.

I want a $ total displayed when sending (emailing) a batch of invoices.

I would like to see the ability to adjust the size of the accounts balances box in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Currently, we seem to be limited to five accounts that are displayed. Why not mark which ones are to be displayed in the chart of accounts?

A bigger window when you are looking at a Bills Transaction History!!

I use the custom fields for bin locations and call it "bin location"
Would be great if this was accessable and globallly editable.....

and functional!
If we create a sales order and then turn it into an invoice then print the packing slip, the data does not carry over to the packing slip and is functionally useless.
Bob F

When running multiple reports, it would be nice to be able to select a date range for all of the reports rather than changing the date range for each individual report.

I would like to be able to sort payments in the PAYMENTS TO DEPOSIT screen. A simple alphabetical sort would make deposits go so much faster. It seems as if you can sort almost everything else ~~~? why not in that screen?

The ability to also filter by NAME in the "Bill Payment Stubs to Print".

You are so right about unused real estate in desktop.
I especially want wider boxes for the bank account field on checks and deposits and the A/R and A/P accounts on their transaction screens. If we use headers and sub accounts, the names can get pretty long.

This is a great list.
Sara Laidlaw

Bring back the ability to click on a web link in Chat

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