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Is QuickBooks misbehaving on you at times?

Want to grab a quick picture of your computer screen and capture an important message being displayed?


As a QuickBooks consultant, there are many times where it is invaluable for me to see what exactly is being displayed on a screen so I can help a client understand what is happening with QuickBooks (or to guide them to a resolution of a question).

There are several ways to grab a snapshot of what is appearing on your computer screen to help with the diagnosis of a problem or to get more information on an area of concern (not just with QuickBooks, but with any program for that matter!).

Options to consider:

  • Take a picture of the screen with your smartphone
  • Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard (don't panic if the printer doesn't kick in automatically - it won't!). From there, open Microsoft Word (or any other word processor) and click Edit > Paste to paste an image of the screen or just right click your mouse and Paste the image in.
  • Use the Windows Snipping Tool - found by clicking the Start button, then All Programs, then Accessories, then Snipping Tool. Once you do that, a screen like this will appear  - just follow the instructions from there:

    Windows Snipping Tool
  • My favorite solution - invest the $49.95 in a copy of SnagIt software from TechSmith. Hands down, this has been one of the best investments I have made for my business toolkit. I use it multiple times each and every day. The features and options that have been packed into this little gem of a program are simply amazing to me. They offer a free trial of the software of course, so you can "try before you buy".


If you are grabbing screenshots in a way different from those outlined above, feel free to share your insights on how you're doing it!




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Lisa has offered this suggested solution:

This comment is in response to your request that we share our methods of grabbing screen shots. I launch Microsoft Paint. Then with the cursor on the screen I wish to capture, use the "Fn" and "PrntScrn" keys to copy the screen and then use Paint's Paste function to paste the image into Paint. Since I use two screens, I generally have to scroll to the right and use the crop function to eliminate any of the image that was captured that is not needed. It may be a cumbersome method; but, it does not require a secondary device or a smart phone.

Les has offered this feedback:

Use freeware that does the same basic thing as Snagit. MWSnap is what I use ( It’s awesome!

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