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New Features in QuickBooks 2016

Fall has arrived (don't you just love this time of year? I sure do!)

With it comes the 2016 edition of QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

Pardon me for saying so, but this release is quite underwhelming to me in terms of new functionality (versus fixes that are being disguised as "new features"), especially in the Enterprise edition.

So many opportunities exist for making great functional improvements within the desktop versions of QuickBooks (pop-up alerts within transactions and ability to see on-time deliveries anyone?). Sadly, so many have been missed.


Download your free copy of my guide that discusses the new features in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2016, It also covers what you may have missed in previous versions of QuickBooks.

In my guide, you'll see mention of the following:

  • Bill Tracker - great new feature, similar to the Income Tracker introduced in earlier versions (all versions)
  • Auto copy ship to address on purchase orders - a time saver for some (Premier and Enterprise only)
  • Verify and rebuild process improvements - we now have the ability to see additional details to try and solve problems when your QuickBooks data file develops problems. (all versions)
  • Fiscal year to last month filter - new addition to the date drop down box on QB reports (all versions)
  • Filter for custom fields in reports - while it is nice that this now works, this is a "fix" disguised as a new feature as I see it (all versions)
  • Sort columns on receive payment screen - I can't help but wonder why this was built into only the Enterprise edition? It would be extremely helpful in ALL versions. So sorry Pro and Premier users.
  • Simplified upgrade process - ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (sorry, dozed off there). There are so many other areas that could have been targeted for improvement. The prior upgrade process wasn't really hard to begin with, was it? (all versions)

You'll see references to a few other "new" features in the 2016 lineup in the guide. To me, they aren't really worth mentioning here, but maybe you will feel differently.

Important tech note - QuickBooks 2016 will NOT run on Windows XP. It will run on Windows 7, 8, and 10! And only QuickBooks 2015 and 2016 will run on Windows 10.



Curious to know your thoughts about upgrading your QuickBooks. Will you? Won't you? If you're reading this on the web, drop your comments in the box below. If you're reading this in your e-mail, click the "View in Browser" link at the top and you can easily get to the web version of this article and post your comments there too.



Pending Sales Report for Pending Invoices in QuickBooks

If you choose to use "pending invoices" to track open/unshipped orders in QuickBooks, you'll want to know about the Pending Sales Report.

Located by clicking Reports > Sales > Pending Sales, you can quickly and easily see a list of all your pending invoices in one place, as shown in the sample screenshot below:


During a recent consulting call with a client, we were discussing their use of "pending invoices" to track open orders.

I asked them why they weren't using sales orders for this purpose. They indicated they didn't really know about the sales order functionality in QuickBooks (Premier and Enterprise versions), so didn't think to use them.

Once we reviewed the sales order process, they immediately saw many benefits to this approach over the use of pending invoices, including:

  • The ability to see open sales orders both by customer and by item
  • The ability to see inventory demand on sales orders appearing on the inventory stock status report
  • The ability to use the sales order fulfillment worksheet to visualize and prioritize shipments

If your business has a need to track open and unshipped/unfilled orders, I definitely recommend the sales order approach over the pending invoice approach.

Download my guide that discusses how to use sales orders in QuickBooks today.




QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 - Discounts, Details and Resources

Discounts, details and other important information about QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 are right here  - dig in!

Get the best discounts and unbiased advice directly from me - as a top Enterprise reseller, I've been knee-deep in everything related to QuickBooks Enterprise for over 11+ years.



As a fellow small business owner, I welcome the opportunity to take care of your purchase of QuickBooks Enterprise 2016.

You get the same package Intuit offers, PLUS I offer some special bonuses like free training videos and more!

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Online Freight/LTL Management Software for Small Businesses

Does your business regularly make shipments by LTL?

Do you find yourself wasting time gathering quotes, typing bills of lading and trying to manage your carrier relationships?

If so, you'll want to take a closer look at Freightview.


Freightview software was created to solve the pain points small businesses experience when it comes to freight shipments.

It provides the ability to:

  • Dramatically cut shipping-related costs
  • Improve shipping efficiency and productivity
  • Gain visibility and insights to optimize freight shipping
  • Maintain control of carrier relationships


The Freightview product was designed specifically for small and medium businesses like yours, and allows you to:

  • Quote - collect and compare multiple carrier quotes on a single screen
  • Book - select the best option for you, using your carriers, your rates, and your schedule
  • Print - automatically print bills of lading and shipping labels complete with PRO numbers
  • Track - view shipment status from any device
  • Report - review historical cost analyses to optimize your decision-making

Even better - this is all done in one place. No need to hop around multiple web sites or software apps to make it happen.


Freightview provides you with the ability to take a 30 day test drive of the software with no credit card required for the trial.

Once the trial is complete, your cost is $99 per month per location. You can use their handy on-site calculator to get a feel for what your monthly savings will be.

See what Forbes and WhataSoftware are saying about Freightview.


At this time, Freightview has the ability to connect to:

  • Salesforce
  • WooCommerce online merchants
  • Other systems via their API

Here's hoping they build a connector to QuickBooks and add it to this list!


Is Freightview something your business is interested in? How do you deal with your LTL quoting and freight management today? Please drop your comments in the box below (or click the "view in browser" link in the top of your e-mail version of this blog post) and let us know your thoughts - thanks!