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5 posts from July 2015

Adding Subtotals to Invoices, Sales Orders, Quotes, and Purchase Orders in QuickBooks

The Enterprise version of QuickBooks (starting with the 2015 version) brings a very helpful new feature to you...

You now have the ability to add subtotals to the following columns on invoices, sales orders, quotes and purchase orders in QuickBooks:

  • Amount
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Cost

As a special bonus, you can add a subtotal to custom fields that you have created your items as well.


Head over to your items list (Lists > Item List), click the Item button at the bottom, then click New.

From the dropdown list that appears, choose Subtotal.

Give this subtotal a name and choose what you would like to subtotal from the list that appears. Here is an example screenshot:

Subtotal Item


For many businesses, this new feature will save a bundle of time and help avoid tedious manual calculations.

In the event your business needs even more calculations to be done within various QuickBooks transactions, you will want to check into the FormCalc add-on for QuickBooks.




60.9% of customers prefer a call from their service techs

The folks at Jobber recently shared the results of a study done by Technology Advice.

Their survey of 3,800 individuals took a closer look at their experiences with service technicians.

If your business has field service teams (even if it is just you!), you'll want to study these results - they will offer some insights on how to improve your business (and hopefully your profits!).

  • 78.6% of technicians arrived on time. (said another way, 1 in 5 did not show up on time!!)

  • 79.8% of technicians fixed the problem the first time

See more insights on the Jobber blog now.


While QuickBooks is great at accounting, many business find it falls short when it comes to the following needs of service businesses:

  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching
  • CRM
  • Invoicing in the field
  • Team management
  • Task tracking

This is why an entire ecosystem of programs and apps have been created that plug into QuickBooks to help service businesses be more efficient and more profitable.

Jobber is one of those apps (a very good one too!), and there are others out there as well.

Been thinking of ways to improve your service business while keeping QuickBooks? Let's talk...



Is It Possible to Purchase an Older Version of QuickBooks Enterprise?

When it comes to making the move into the new subscription pricing model for QuickBooks Enterprise, it seems like some businesses are hitting the pause button.

A common question that normally flows from conversations I've been having about QuickBooks Enterprise is the ability to purchase an older version of QuickBooks Enterprise to avoid the subscription pricing.

In short - the answer is no. It isn't possible to purchase an older version of Enterprise to avoid the subscription pricing.

You may see older versions for sale at various sites. All I can say is "buyer beware". Authorized resellers like me are not able to offer older versions of Enterprise for sale.

The only way to avoid the subscription pricing model for QuickBooks Enterprise is to keep your full service plan (FSP) current and paid in full.




It's Not You - QuickBooks Does Not Allow A/R and A/P in the Same Journal Entry

Ever get frustrated trying to create a journal entry to both accounts receivable and accounts payable at the same time in QuickBooks?

Can't do it.

No matter how hard you try or how many times you say please.

For whatever reason, the journal entry screen can only handle one A/R or one A/P account each time.

It's not you...




New Feature in QuickBooks 2015: The Insights Dashboard

A new feature in QuickBooks 2015 called "Insights" is proving to be quite popular with those looking for a quick and easy "dashboard" view of their business.

The Insights screen sits just off the home screen, and looks like this:

Insights Tab Snapshot


The following snippets of information can be turned on and off via the "gear" icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen:

  • Profit and loss
  • Previous year income comparison
  • Top customers by sales
  • Income and expense trend
  • Business growth
  • Net profit margin
  • Previous year expense comparison

Even better, all of the graphical elements that appear on the Insights screen have full drill-down capabilities so you can see the specific details behind a value.

You can also print the contents of the Insight screen or save it as a PDF as well.

If you are so inclined, you can even launch the create invoice or enter bills screens directly from the Insights page.