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Alternatives to QuickBooks Billing Solutions

This article will help prepare you for a potential disruption in your use of QuickBooks.

This disruption relates to the upcoming discontinuation of the QuickBooks Billing Solutions service as of July 1, 2015.

As I understand if from Intuit, all current users of the QuickBooks Billing Solutions service should have received a message similar to the one below...


This is a reminder that we have updated our QuickBooks invoicing capabilities and will soon discontinue QuickBooks Billing Solutions. We now offer eInvoicing capability for billing customers and receiving payments in QuickBooks 2015. If you are already using eInvoicing or another solution, please disregard this message.

What is changing?

The ability to send invoices through your e-mail client, send invoices by postal mail, and request online payment with QuickBooks Billing Solutions will be discontinued on July 1, 2015. Your customers may continue to pay invoices, access historical invoices and payments and you may download their invoice payments until August 31, 2015.

We have introduced new eInvoicing capability for you to bill your customers. You will no longer be charged an additional fee for the service and you can use your existing QuickBooks Payments account with your current rates to process the payments. We now offer the option of accepting ACH payments at just 50 cents per transaction. Your customers will still be able to pay you online and enjoy an updated payment experience. Learn more about eInvoicing.

What you need to do

Our records show that you have already upgraded to QuickBooks 2015 which includes eInvoicing capability. We recommend that you begin using eInvoicing as soon as possible to avoid disruption to your business.

If you choose not to use eInvoicing, you can still bill your customers by e-mailing or printing and mailing invoices to your customers. Customers can pay by sending payments through the mail or by calling your business and providing a credit card number. You will then manually enter payments into QuickBooks.

What if I have questions?

We've answered many questions in our online support center; or, you may call us at 800-268-9065.
Ending support for features is not a decision we take lightly and we apologize for the inconvenience. 


One of the key features of the QuickBooks Billing Solutions service was the ability to e-mail a customer their invoice with a payment link embedded in it. The customer could then choose to pay the invoice online by clicking the link. following the prompts and then having all that information electronically sync into your QuickBooks. All of that goes away based on their announcement.


  • If you use QuickBooks desktop 2014 or older, you will need to find an alternate solution for allowing your customers to pay you electronically (see discussion below) or upgrade to QuickBooks 2015 and then sign up for the QuickBooks e-invoicing solution. This solution is not available for any version of QuickBooks other than 2015.

  • If you use QuickBooks desktop 2015, you can sign up for the e-invoicing solution within the software or consider alternative solutions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of the date of this article, even if you use the QuickBooks e-invoicing solution, you can't automatically download that information into QuickBooks. There have been numerous reported cases of this not functionality not working properly.


If you choose to go another route, here are two very solid options for you to consider to allow customers to pay you electronically and have the information automatically download into QuickBooks.

Options to consider:


Are you using an electronic payment solution for QuickBooks not mentioned above?

Please drop your thoughts into the comment box below and let us know about it!







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