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6 Time-Saving Benefits of Integrating CRM and QuickBooks

6 Time-Saving Benefits of Smart Integration:  
What Happens When Your CRM and QuickBooks Talk 

Join us for a 30-minute Educational Webinar 

Did you know that integrating a CRM system with your QuickBooks can not only save your business valuable time but can streamline workflow with automation and generate revenue through up-sell opportunities?  

Join us on Friday, May 1 at 11am Eastern as we discuss how your QuickBooks data can be used for more than just accounting purposes and uncover the top six integration benefits as we take a deep dive into the powerful integration between Results CRM and QuickBooks.


In this 30-minute webinar you will learn how to:

  • Eliminate double data entry. It shouldn't matter if information is updated in Outlook, QuickBooks or a CRM application; contact information, timesheets, sales orders and invoices should only need to be entered once.
  • Respond quickly to client questions or concerns regarding order status, purchase order history, payment information, invoice balances and more.
  • Work within the application of choice. Contact information, employee calendars, important emails, important documents, order history, payment history, and the sales pipeline will all be centralized in one database.
  • Quickly identify and assign up-sell opportunities with comprehensive reporting and access to the order history of each account.
  • Ensure accuracy by automating "pipeline to invoice" workflow. With a click of a button, quotes can be converted into sales orders and/or invoices, accelerating payments and ensuring no details are missed. 
  • Improve information accuracy by ensuring that contact information is always up-to-date. This way, invoices and purchase orders will always be sent to the correct address and the most current and accurate contact information is available in either system.

Your Hosts:

Scott Gregory, QuickBooks Expert and Intuit Premier Reseller
   Scott Gregory, QuickBooks Expert and owner of Bottom Line Accounting Solutions, is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and QuickBooks Enterprise ProAdvisor.  He has worked with QuickBooks software for over 15 years and in business finance and accounting for over 30 years.  Scott serves as a QuickBooks instructor in venues such as: Ohio Society of CPAs, Ohio Small Business Development Center, Lakeland Community College, and Intuit Town Hall Meetings.  Prior to forming Bottom Line Accounting Solutions, Scott served as the chief financial officer (CFO) for a $15 million manufacturing firm.

Sam Saab, President & Founder of Results Software
Sam Saab is passionate about helping businesses succeed! Sam is a recognized pioneer in the CRM industry and office automation technologies. In 2002, Sam developed and launched Results CRM as an integrated business solution that helps businesses centralize their data, streamline their operations and improve their business relationships. Sam is a national speaker and published author on CRM topics including business growth strategies, office automation, virtual offices, boosting sales and gaining a competitive advantage. For more information about Sam, visit www.SamSaab.com.



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Hello There! I really would have loved to have joined you for the "6 Time-Saving Benefits of Integrating CRM and QuickBooks" webinar you presented May 1st; unfortunately I wasn't aware of it until now. Was this live webinar recorded by any chance?? If it was recorded, I would greatly appreciate a copy or a link to the recorded webinar.. You might just save my life..lol

I'm new to quickbooks (new to accounting & bookkeeping all together) & I inherited a nightmare..lol We are in the process of launching our CRM (developed by SwiftMarketing) and I cannot tell you how thrilled I will be if my QB & CRM were integrated & it made my life easier. I'll take any help I can get. Thank you in advance

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