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Dear QuickBooks:

How come I don't have the ability to pick and choose from a list of e-mail addresses when sending forms such as invoices, purchase orders, etc?

My only options seem to be the "main e-mail" or the "CC e-mail" when it comes to e-mailing forms? Is that right?

You even went so far as to give me lots of space for different contacts and the ability to add a lot of contact e-mail addresses (if you're not seeing the window below, you're using a version of QuickBooks before 2013):

But yet I can't find anywhere to pull these addresses into the transaction or form that needs to be e-mailed.

Maybe we'll see this in QuickBooks 2016?

Here's hoping...

Scott Gregory


If so, immediately head to the Help option in your menu bar, click Send Feedback Online, then Product Suggestion. Let your feelings be known too.




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