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4 posts from March 2015

Quick Way to Find QuickBooks Company Files

Looking for a quick and easy way to display a list of all the QuickBooks company files that are stored on your computer (or network drive)?

Here's how:

  • Click the Start button in the lower left hand corner of your screen
  • In the "search programs and files" box, type in *.qbw and hit your enter key (the .qbw is computer-speak for QuickBooks for Windows files)

Your computer will zip through the digital filing cabinet on your hard drive and report back with a list of every QuickBooks company file it finds (including the sample company files too).

Pretty slick, huh?




Time Tracking Software that Connects to QuickBooks

If your business is looking for mobile timekeeping, ways to streamline the time tracking and reporting process, or searching for time tracking software that connects to QuickBooks, TSheets is for you.

Having recently joined their TSheets Pro program, I wanted to share some information about this product with you.


TSheets offers an impressive array of methods to capture your employees time, including:

  • Desktop or laptop computers connected to the internet (you can even work offline and upload when online)
  • Smartphones or tablets (Apple or Android)
  • Text message
  • Even call-in capabilities to record time

And did I mention that they offer GPS time-stamping too?

But that is just the beginning...


TSheets provides the ability for you to capture this essential information when it comes to your jobs and projects:

  • Where employees are working
  • What projects they are working on
  • How long they have been working on those projects

In addition, the software provides a "Who's Working" button that shows which of your employees are clocked in and working in real time.

Need Paid Time Off (PTO) and/or vacation tracking? You're covered there too.


TSheets offers you a wide variety of reports to help you manage, control, and streamline your timekeeping and payroll reporting processes.

These reports include:

  • Real time report
  • Payroll report
  • Approvals report
  • Project/job report
  • Audit trail
  • Data export report


TSheets offers connections to the following:

  • QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise (QuickBooks "desktop" versions)
  • QuickBooks Online (sorry, no connection to QuickBooks for the Mac)
  • Zen Payroll
  • Zendesk
  • Other payroll solutions such as Paychex, ADP and others (one-time fee applies)

For those that want to write their own software connections, TSheets also offers an open API to make the process seamless.


It is important to know that the TSheets package gets high marks in the Intuit App Center - a 5 star (highest) rating to be exact!

If you'd like to take a closer look at how TSheets can help take the pain out of the timetracking and payroll areas of your business, take advantage of their 14 day free trial

Like what you see? Use promo code: BLASACCTG and save 10% off the subscription price of TSheets.


Currently using TSheets? Feel free to share your experience with it in the comments section below (or click here to access the blog post) - thanks!



27 Power Tips Every QuickBooks User Should Know

Do you really want to spend MORE time on your accounting and QuickBooks?

Didn't think so...

If you like the idea of getting more done with QuickBooks in less time then you'll love my new guide - "27 Power Tips Every QuickBooks User Should Know"

27-Tips-Cover-Open-SpreadInside the covers I share some of the best and helpful tips and tricks I have discovered in QuickBooks over the last fifteen years.

Read more about "27 Power Tips Every QuickBooks User Should Know"....


Please note: This guide was written for those using the US versions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise software. It is not designed for those using the Online, Mac or international editions of QuickBooks.



Connecting Your Web Site (or Online Store) with QuickBooks

Trying to avoid re-keying transactions from your web site into QuickBooks each day?

Looking for ways to streamline the way QuickBooks and your web site or online store such as Amazon talk to each other?

Consider some of these ideas to help get you there...

  • Webgility - this "add-on" for QuickBooks was designed to serve as the electronic bridge between your web site shopping cart, Amazon, e-Bay or other online store, and the inner workings of QuickBooks. A 30 day free trial of Webgility is available for you to test drive. Pricing for the software is based on transaction volume making it nice and scalable. Shipping can be automated via FedEx, UPS, or the Stamps.com and Endicia.
  • Transaction Pro Importer - this "add-on" for QuickBooks is extremely well known for allowing you to move data that is in Excel (or CSV) format and seamlessly import it into QuickBooks. Easily set up templates and let the data flow. There is also a Transaction Pro Exporter if you need to move information out of QuickBooks into another location.
  • Agiliron - this application was built to be a fully functional "front-end" package that allows all of your e-commerce activities to be managed in one location. Connect to your web site, Amazon or eBay store seamlessly. Ship products automatically with ShipStation and then watch your transactions flow back and forth into QuickBooks.

Naturally, this list of potential solutions is not a comprehensive one in any way. Start-ups are spinning out new tools and technologies on a regular basis in the e-commerce space.

Rather, the options above were designed to get you thinking about ways to streamline your operations and get more done in less time. After all, who wants to spend MORE time on their accounting?

To talk further about your needs in the world of QuickBooks, e-commerce, and inventory tracking, please contact me.