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Changing Software in Your Business? Required Reading Before You Do

Contemplating a change in the software your business uses, whether it be accounting, CRM, or any other package?

Converting - Past to Future Graphic - July 2014Before you get too deep in the process, you will want to dig into this article from Adam Bluemner, the managing editor at Find Accounting Software.

Titled "30 Ways to Ask Software Providers the Questions You Really Meant to Ask", Adam takes a very refreshing look at commonly asked questions and repackages them into questions that are much, much more helpful to you in your evaluations.

Well done Adam!


If you have gone through a software change and knowing what you do now, what questions would you add to this list?

Look forward to your thoughts...




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Hi Mike:

Thanks very much for posting your thoughts on this article.

Some very good advice here - I can just imagine how everyone felt when you ended up getting a product that didn't make your short list of viable solutions...

Scott Gregory

Try to determine the number of employees and key employees in the software provider. Would the company survive if those key employees were incapacitated or left the firm?
Is the firm in the process of being acquired or is it acquiring another firm. Twice selected programs that were cutting edge. Established firms in that market got tired of losing market share, so they bought the company we selected and then promptly retired the programs we had selected. Replacing with their product that had been rejected by our selection process.

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