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My Favorite Tech Tools

Looking for ways to work more efficiently and get more done in less time?

ToolBoxI wanted to share the following list of tech tools I use in my business that have helped me do both! The various apps below are used frequently to help me provide QuickBooks and CFO services to clients all over the country.

Hope you find them helpful!

Please be sure to let me know what tools you are using to help your business succeed. Just drop a comment in the box below - look forward to hearing from you!


  • Remote access to office computers - GoToMyPC
  • Automated bill payment with full sync to QuickBooks - Bill.com
  • Screen captures and editing - SnagIt
  • Mobile version of my web site - Duda




QuickBooks 2015: New Features and Functionality

Want to see what's new in QuickBooks 2015?

Download your free copy of my "QuickBooks 2015 Listing of New Features" guide today!


Learn more about these new features and functionality...

  • See the customer PO# in the Customer Center - finally!
  • Automatically close estimates when invoicing
  • Add comments directly to your QuickBooks reports
  • Many, many more improvements...


If you decide to make the move to QuickBooks 2015, you can save up to $120 per user On QuickBooks 2015 when you place your order on my web site.

I welcome the opportunity to take care of your order for you. Software can be downloaded instantly or shipped factory fresh on CD from the Intuit warehouse (no shipping fees either!).



In addition to the features in QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2015 listed above, Enterprise 2015 also includes:

  • Option to prevent inventory/on-hand from going negative
  • Ability to add item costs to sales forms
  • Add subtotals to most columns on estimates, sales orders, invoices and purchase orders
  • See a footer on the last page of an invoice only
  • Many other improvements...

My guide covers all the new features in the Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions of QuickBooks 2015. Download your free copy today!




QuickBooks Enterprise 2016: Alternatives to Subscription Pricing?

My post about the change in pricing for QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 to the annual subscription model has drawn a LOT of feedback.

QBES Box Shot (left) copy
Most of the comments have been provided to me privately, and they center around these two major themes:

  • Disappointment in the increased costs of accounting software for those impacted by the subscription model

  • What are the alternatives to QuickBooks Enterprise?


Let's take a closer look at this question, since it is on the minds of many at the moment.

First, we need to review one critical point before getting too far into this conversation. And that point is:

  • QuickBooks Enterprise, when properly positioned, is designed for businesses with 20-99 employees.

To expand on that concept, QuickBooks Enterprise does NOT play in the same space as any of the following that you may think are alternatives:

A business that tries to "squeeze" into one of the above packages and move out of QuickBooks Enterprise will likely be making a very poor decision.

While the cost savings of moving into one of these packages may look enticing at first, the significant loss of critical functionality, database size/functionality, user security and other essential features will hamper most businesses almost instantly. Costs will rise exponentially once the business realizes their mistake and yet another alternative is explored.


As mentioned above, QuickBooks Enterprise is well positioned for those businesses that have 20-99 employees. Is it found in smaller or larger businesses? Sure. But that is the "sweet spot" in terms of comparing Enterprise to other packages in the marketplace.

Given that, we're now getting into a conversation of some of the "mid-market" packages out there. And this is where the numbers get interesting...


So let's do this - let's assume you are looking at the 5 user package of QuickBooks Enterprise on the annual subscription basis and trying to compare it to other alternatives out there.

Estimated total costs per year of QuickBooks Enterprise vs. others in the mid-market space:

Hmmmmm....the numbers that looked big a while ago don't look quite as big when stacked up against other competing packages.


Many have said that comparing QuickBooks Enterprise to other packages such as NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics GP isn't an accurate comparison.

They feel that alternate packages such as these have far more horsepower and functionality than QuickBooks Enterprise does. While I'm not an expert in these other packages, from what I have seen of them, I would tend to agree with this assessment.

However, with an increase in functionality comes an increase in complexity for your staff, increased maintenance costs and a bigger hurdle to obtain a solid return on investment.

Some businesses simply don't want or need all the "extras" that come with some of these other packages.

And that is where QuickBooks Enterprise fits in...do you see that too?


If your business decides to forge ahead with QuickBooks Enterprise, I welcome the opportunity to assist with your purchase. As a leading reseller of Enterprise, count on me for the best discounts and promotions for your purchase.


Agree with my assessment? Disagree in no uncertain terms? Share your thoughts in the comments box below - I look forward to hearing from you!



7 Tips to Keep Your QuickBooks Running Smoothly

Just like getting a regular oil change for your car, you'll want to add some "preventive maintenance" steps for your QuickBooks as well.

I have put together a list of seven tips and tricks you need to know when it comes to "sharing the love" with your QuickBooks.

Download your free copy of "TLC for Your QB" today!





Alert: QuickBooks Enterprise Moves to Subscription Only Price Model

As one of the top QuickBooks Enterprise Premier resellers, I wanted you to be aware of some breaking news.

QBES 2015 Box Shot (left)A seismic shift is happening in QuickBooks Enterprise land, starting on Monday, October 6, 2014...

Starting then, the ONLY way to purchase QuickBooks Enterprise software will be by paying an annual subscription fee (either monthly or one annual payment). No longer will you be able to "pay once" and use the software as long as you want (be sure you see the details below on just how this is going to impact your checkbook!)




First and foremost, the information below ONLY applies to those purchasing QuickBooks Enterprise on or after October 6, 2014.

If you already own Enterprise, you can head directly to the "What if I Already Own Enterprise" section further below.

If you are considering a purchase of QuickBooks Enterprise, please read on.


So let's break it down...

Under this new annual subscription model, you will have a choice of subscription levels to choose from. Here is a list of your options:

  • QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 Silver Edition (1 year subscription) - this subscription level includes the QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 software, Full Service Plan and the Advanced Reporting capabilities. Internet access is required.

  • QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 Gold Edition (1 year subscription) - this subscription level includes the QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 software, Full Service Plan and the Advanced Reporting capabilities (everything included in the Silver Edition). It also includes a full year of the Intuit Enhanced Payroll Service for unlimited employees. Internet access is required.

  • QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 Platinum Edition (1 year subscription) - this subscription level includes the QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 software, Full Service Plan, the Advanced Reporting capabilities, a full year of the Intuit Enhanced Payroll Service for unlimited employees (everything included in the Gold Edition). It also includes a full year of access to the Advanced Inventory and Advanced Pricing modules for QuickBooks Enterprise. Internet access is required.

The choices you will make at the time of purchase will consist of:

  • How many users you want
  • Which edition (from the list above) you want to subscribe to


Let's take a look at a basic example so you can see how this is going to work.

To keep it very simple, I'll assume you are going to use the software for 3 years, aren't interested in upgrading to the new edition every year, that you want a 5 user edition of QuickBooks Enterprise, and don't have any need for Enhanced Payroll, the Advanced Inventory or Advanced Pricing modules.

  • Under the "old way" (before October 6, 2014), the list price of a 5 user edition was $3,400. You purchase the software and simply use it for three years. Your total cost over the three years was $3,400 (I'm leaving out the optional costs relating to the renewal of the support plan each year to keep this simple).

  • Under the "new way" (on or after October 6, 2014), you would choose the Silver Edition annual subscription. The base cost for a 5 user edition is $2,800 PER YEAR . Your new total cost over the three years is now $8,400. Keep this critical piece of information in mind - if you don't pay your subscription fee, QuickBooks Enterprise stops working. Bummer.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: I can get you discounts of 20% on the subscription price of QuickBooks Enterprise to lower your cost!

Of course, if you make other assumptions about the desire to upgrade to the latest edition every year or other variables, the numbers as presented above would change.

My goal with this example is to strip it down to the basics that many businesses would want - purchase the software and simply use it for 3 years.

Be sure to visit my web site for special offers, discounts, and details about QuickBooks Enterprise 2016.


Now that you've had a chance to digest how the subscription plans are going to work, let's get to other areas that will likely need clarification:

  • QuickBooks Enterprise is NOT becoming a "cloud-based" product. It is the same software as it has always been. It can either be installed on PCs/servers on a local network or it can be used via a QuickBooks Enterprise hosting service just like it always has operated. I cannot stress this enough - the software itself is NOT changing - just the way you buy it is!
  • Pay by the month or one annual payment - the choice is yours, but there is no discount for paying in full. Most all of my clients are choosing the monthly option to conserve cash.

  • There is NO choice of the "old way" or the "new way" when buying Enterprise - all purchases on or after October 6, 2014 will be offered on the subscription basis only.

  • Intuit reserves the right to make changes - they may offer discounts, they may not. They may make changes to the subscription levels. It's their call. As a reseller, I'll be right there in helping you sort out your options and getting you the unbiased insights you need.
  • Yes, the software will have a "kill switch" in it - if your subscription is not renewed, the software will no longer work. Since your QuickBooks database is a separate file from the QuickBooks program, you will still have the database. However, you won't be able to read the information in the database unless you have the software to go with it. See the dilemma you'll have if you don't renew?


As a current owner of QuickBooks Enterprise before October 6, 2014, you are not impacted by the new pricing model above. Here are the options available to you in the months ahead:

  • Choose NOT to renew your full service plan when it comes up for renewal - keep using the version of QuickBooks Enterprise you currently have installed. If and when you decide to purchase a newer version of QuickBooks Enterprise in future years, you will then fall into this new subscription model as described above.

  • Renew your current support plan when renewal time arrives - when you are presented with the invoice for the renewal of your full service plan, you pay the invoice, and then you get the free upgrade to the next edition of Enterprise and twelve months of access to the Enterprise support desk. 

    • Don't be surprised to see the price for the renewal going up! Intuit makes the determination of these amounts each year - we'll see how that all plays out over the next few years as this new subscription model takes hold.

  • Opt for the subscription plan - you can choose to opt in to the subscription plan at any time if you like.


My blog post on the topic of alternatives to QuickBooks Enterprise will provide you some additional insights and information to help in the understanding of how this whole thing has come to pass.


As a reseller of QuickBooks Enterprise, count on me in the coming weeks to provide you with the "straight scoop" about this very significant change in the way Enterprise is being sold.

Feel free to contact me with questions you have about purchasing QuickBooks Enterprise software.


Don't be bashful! Are you liking this new approach? Not liking it? Let's hear it! Please drop your comments in the comment box below...



The Income Tracker "Dashboard" for QuickBooks

A great new tool called the Income Tracker has been introduced in QuickBooks 2014.

This little gem can help you get a "dashboard view" of your open estimates, sales orders and invoices - all in one handy place.

In addition, the Income Tracker will allow you to do a number of "batch options" such as printing or e-mailing invoices.

My YouTube video offers a deeper look at how the Income Tracker works. Take a quick look...


Remember, you can always save 20% on your QuickBooks upgrade at my web site!