Adding a Line Number to QuickBooks Invoices, Sales Orders, Packing Lists, etc.
QuickBooks Cost of Goods Sold - Where Does the Number Come From? for QuickBooks Desktop Versions Being Discontinued

How quickly things are changing in the technology world!

Shortly after Intuit announced they would be dropping their mobile app for the desktop versions of QuickBooks, the following plopped into my inbox:

" for QuickBooks desktop will no longer be offered"



" for QuickBooks" is NOT the same as the longstanding product. The product is still going very strong and there are several companies that do offer links to connect the traditional software to QuickBooks desktop.

The " for QuickBooks" solution was something Intuit introduced four years ago with great fanfare. Apparently, the great din and commotion back then has been reduced to background noise and demand far below expectations for the program to be discontinued.

The " for QuickBooks" web site is still active as of this writing. Note that all inquires once you get to the site are being directed to the traditional folks.

There is also mention of Salesforce integration with QuickBooks Online, so it appears that program is still alive and well.

This move to drop the connection to the desktop version of QuickBooks isn't surprising, as Intuit continues their march toward getting their users into the cloud somehow (more on that in a future blog post).


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