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Connection Has Been Lost Message in QuickBooks - Why?

Have you seen one of these charming message boxes when working in your QuickBooks?

If so, there are a number of underlying reasons why your connection has been lost.


In many cases, this message appears when using QuickBooks in a network environment, and the computer (either the desktop, laptop or server) goes into "sleep" mode.

Many computers come preset with the hard drives to go into "sleep mode" after 10-15 minutes to save on energy. Unfortunately, QuickBooks does not like it at all if sleep mode kicks in. It interferes with the connection to the QuickBooks database and causes these "connection lost" messages.

In some cases, the internal network card of a computer is also set to go into "sleep mode" after a certain time, and this has also been known to cause the connection to be lost.

You can go into the Control Panel of your computer to find the power settings and turn off sleep mode for the hard disks (it's ok to let the monitor go into power save mode).

You can go into the Device Manager of your computer to find your network card and check the settings there to ensure it is not going to sleep on you as well.


The QuickBooks support site offers some additional details on this "connection has been lost" situation in case the suggestions above don't take care of the problem for you.

Naturally, you don't want to be using QuickBooks in a wireless environment either. QuickBooks is not supported to work in a wireless setup, as these types of messages about lost connections are quite common, as are other potential problems with your QuickBooks database.



QuickBooks Mobile App to be discontinued effective July 31, 2014

This little news nugget from Intuit landed in my in-box recently...

QuickBooks Mobile will be discontinued effective July 31, 2014

The mobile app for QuickBooks Desktop (QuickBooks for Windows Mobile Companion App) will be discontinued effective July 31, 2014

Why are we discontinuing this app?

It is always a hard decision to discontinue a service on which our customers have come to rely and we've also heard from many business owners about the importance of managing their business on the go. To better support this need, we are focusing our mobile efforts on QuickBooks Online. Our renewed focus is to make sure we grow with you into the future.

What are the options for you and your clients?

You can stay on your current QuickBooks desktop software; however, mobile service through this app will be discontinued. If you've enjoyed the ability to access books through the mobile app, you can still enjoy the same benefits of working on the go with QuickBooks Online.


Before you rush and move over to QuickBooks Online (QBO) for mobile connectivity, it is essential you understand this CRITICAL point:

  • QBO and QuickBooks desktop software (QBD) are VERY different versions of QuickBooks.

To me, it is essential that you do a full evaluation of the QBO option via the free trial and then decide if it makes sense to completely move your business operations to that platform. If you don't evaluate it first, you may be sorry...


If you want to stay on the desktop version of QuickBooks (QBD), know that you can also consider having it hosted for 24/7 access to QuickBooks from any device as well.

Hosting for QuickBooks with Cloud9 (or other providers) has a monthly fee with it of course. The good news is that it allows you avoid the disruption of moving your business to a completely new accounting application. Don't be misled - just because it says "QuickBooks" in the title, doesn't mean it is the same QuickBooks you've used for years.


Maybe a consultation is in order to discuss the details of your business in more depth. I have offered these services to businesses just like yours for over fifteen years, and welcome the opportunity to help you too. Contact me today.




QuickBooks Alert - E-Mailed Forms May Not Be Seen if Using QuickBooks E-Mail Service

Are your customers or vendors complaining they are not getting your invoices or purchase orders that are being sent from within QuickBooks?

A recent service alert from Intuit indicates that those using the QuickBooks e-mail service may indeed be having some trouble.


If you prefer to have more control over your e-mail, you have the following alternatives:

  • Send e-mail through Microsoft Outlook - you'll need to have a copy of Outlook installed of course
  • Send e-mail through your web mail client - newer versions of QuickBooks allow you to send e-mail through services such as GMail, Yahoo and others. Or, if your e-mail provider offers a web mail option, you can use that as well.

These options can easily be found and configured by clicking Edit > Preferences > Send Forms > My Preferences, where you will see a box like this:


Note: If you do not have Outlook installed, you will not see the Outlook button




Need Anytime, Anywhere Access to Your QuickBooks?

If you're feeling restrained by having to be "in the office" to access your QuickBooks information...

You do have an alternative!

Businesses are rapidly adopting the concepts of working from home, remote access, and other tools to get more done in less time That makes the traditional idea of having to be in the office to look up important customer information or do work of any type in QuickBooks more and more obsolete.


Cloud ComputingImagine, if you will, commencing work at your desktop or notebook computer and signing into QuickBooks. It doesn’t matter where you are located, nor does it matter where your staff is located. As long as you can get to the internet, you can get to your QuickBooks.

That sums up the concept of "hosted QuickBooks".

Said another way... Access to your QuickBooks information - Anytime. Anywhere.


If the initials "IT" (as in information technology) give you a headache just thinking about them, cast your worries aside.

No IT expertise is needed to get your business into a hosted QuickBooks setup. No major capital investment in expensive servers or other custom programming time required. No big checks need be written to an IT company to "configure your network".

Cloud9 is one of a handful of companies approved by Intuit that offers you the ability to get set up with anytime, anywhere access to your QuickBooks information.

Cloud9 was voted far and away the #1 QuickBooks hosting service by 4000 accountants who participated in the 2012 CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Poll.


Hosted QuickBooks is absolutely, positively NOT the same as "QuickBooks Online" or the "online versions of QuickBooks" (as I have heard many refer to it).

Hosted QuickBooks takes your current QuickBooks desktop software and QuickBooks company data and gets it set up for anytime, anywhere access. There is no learning curve involved - you're using the same software "in the cloud" that you use each and every day now.

QuickBooks Online is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VERSION of QuickBooks that may or may not be suitable for the needs of your business. With QuickBooks Online, there will likely be a learning curve for you and your team and it may not have the functionality you have come to know in the desktop version you currently use.

If you are evaluating all of your options, be sure to take a test drive of QuickBooks Online before making any decisions. It is essential that you understand the differences in functionality between your current desktop version of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.


Based on my experiences in the small business environment over the last thirty years, I can tell you that Cloud9 is FAR more secure than the computers and internal networks of most small businesses. Far more secure by a country mile!

Outdated anti-virus, missing security software, unpatched PCs and the use of default passwords on routers are routine occurrences in a small business - all of which are no-nos when it comes to computer security.

Better for you, here is an overview of the security offered by Cloud9...

"Cloud9 technology is state of the art featuring multi-layer redundancy, an uninterrupted power supply, mirror disk imaging and RAID implementation. Login is through 256-bit encryption and our Data Centers are SOC2/SSAE16 certified; Cloud9 goes above and beyond to ensure the highest levels of security is deployed throughout the infrastructure.