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4 posts from May 2014

Mobile Sales and Order Taking for QuickBooks with the Handshake App

Need a way to mobilize your ability to take customer orders?

Don't feel like lugging around your laptop to access QuickBooks?

Getting tired of sorting through mounds of handwritten orders from your sales team or from trade shows?

THE HANDSHAKE SOLUTIONHandshake LogoThe Handshake app allows you to break free from the office and take customer orders wherever your are using your iPad, iPhone or on the web.

With it, you'll gain mobile access to your product catalog, your customer list and related sales and order history without having to open QuickBooks or even have access to it.

Handshake offers integration with a number of platforms, including QuickBooks, Salesforce, Xero and Salesforce.


Here is a short list of some of the features you'll find within Handshake:

  • Order writing interface
  • Instant sync
  • Offline access
  • Barcode scanning
  • Custom quotes
  • Inventory availability
  • Manage inventory data
  • Much more...

Visit the Handshake features page for a full list of the features and functionality you'll find inside.

Handshake is offered in a "Core" package currently priced at $24.95 per month and a Professional package that runs $49.95 per month. You can easily compare the versions on their pricing page.

They even offer a hibernation feature at no charge if you only need to use your account a few months out of the year.


I'm very excited about the possibilities this app brings to our growing community of QuickBooks users, and have recently signed on to their Partner Program.

Naturally, if you need help connecting Handshake with your QuickBooks, let's talk.

Does Handshake fit into your plans to mobilize now or in the future? I welcome your feedback in the comments box below!



Is Your Business Getting Enough New Customers?

Take advantage of the new Infusionsoft Small Business Sales and Marketing Scorecard today!

This scorecard gives you:

  • A free, detailed analysis of your sales and marketing activities
  • Ways to identify gaps in your current activities
  • Resources to draw on to close the gaps and get more new customers

Click the image below to get your score today...




List of Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks

When I'm running QuickBooks classes and training sessions, I always have my class repeat after me...

"Less clicks = more vacation time!"

They really seem to like that idea, and I hope you do too.

My list of QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts (all Windows desktop versions, not Online or Mac) will help you get more work done in less time.

My favorite? Using the Esc key to quickly close out of an open window.

What's your favorite shortcut? Please drop your comments into the box below.


Visit my free QuickBooks training guides and tutorials page.



Hidden Bonus Inside Some QuickBooks Time Reports

Do you use the time reports in QuickBooks?

I'm referring to the time reports found in the Jobs, Time and Mileage section of the Reports menu. These reports in particular:

  • Time by Job Summary Report
  • Time by Name
  • Time by Item

A little known secret for these reports is an option found once you click the Customize Report button.

Here you find an option marked "Display Time Grouped by" and a drop down list that contains several different views of the time data within the report as shown in the screen shot below:

As you can see, one little click here can completely reorganize how the data appears on the report.

I'm hoping you find this to be as helpful as several of my clients have! This one button is literally saving them hours of time each pay period resorting and reorganizing data in Excel.


  • ClickTime - anytime, anywhere time and expense entry and complete sync with QuickBooks