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Time to Trash Your Multi-Colored Pack of Highlighters?

Ok, be honest...

When it comes to tracking your accounts receivable, you've probably got a well refined color coding system using your highlighters week in and week out on tens or even hundreds of pages of your aging reports, right?

It's very likely this system is actually costing your business a lot of money...


Open invoices are the foundation for future inbound cash for your business. It is essential to have a really solid and efficient system in place for tracking them.

QuickBooks is great at providing the core reports you need to see the big picture with your receivables.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks is not so great (some have said even worse things!) when it comes to the day-to-day follow-up that is crucial for an effective accounts receivable management system.


What if you could have a system that automatically pulls data out of QuickBooks, and then gives you a completely modern set of tools to automate your accounts receivable collections process?

You can!

I was so impressed with the Anytime Collect accounts receivable management software for QuickBooks that I recently signed on as a referral partner with them.


Anytime Collect comes pre-loaded with the following (this is just a short list of all the ways it can help you trash your pack of highlighters):

  • Action Center - a tool that tells you who to call, when to call, what invoices are involved, etc. According to Paystream Advisors, this allows up to a 300% increase in the amount of time you spend on actual collections compared to businesses using a manual system. Just imagine how that translates into better cash flow!

  • Communication Center - allows you to manage every piece of communication (phone, e-mail, fax, carrier pigeon - ok, just kidding about that) in one place.

  • Dashboard/Intelligence Center - a live snapshot of just what is happening within each piece of your accounts receivable management processes and procedures.

  • Full integration with QuickBooks - no double-data entry needed.


If you're looking to slash the amount of cash your business has tied up in accounts receivable or find ways to get more collections work done in less time, Anytime Collect needs to be on your radar...




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