Can I Create a "Price Book" in QuickBooks?
Is there funny business going on in your QuickBooks? Find out with these two reports

Building Better Business Finances: The Profit and Loss YTD Comparison Report

Looking for a report in QuickBooks that shows your revenue and expenses for the current month in one column and the year-to-date figures in a separate column?

The Profit and Loss YTD Comparison report is the one for you.

Click Reports > Company and Financial > Profit and Loss YTD Comparison and you'll then see a report that looks like this:

You can add additional meaning to this report by choosing the Customize Report in the upper left corner and selecting options such as % of income, etc.

This report gives you a quick reading on how your numbers are stacking up in the current period and for the entire year so you can make adjustments to your plans as needed.





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