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3 Ways to Help Avoid an Oh-$H#% Moment with QuickBooks

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid it - QuickBooks has bad days, just like people do sometimes.

Frustrated Computer User on PhonelTo minimize the chances that QuickBooks is going to develop a bad attitude and cause you to have a bad day as well, take these three steps to help avoid an Oh-$H#% moment with your QuickBooks:

  1. Make doubly sure your QuickBooks is being backed up EVERY DAY that you work on it AND that the backup process is working properly. I can't tell you how many businesses I have visited over the last fifteen years that "thought" their backup was working, but alas, it was not.

    Need a reliable backup service? Download and install Carbonite. It will be the best $59 investment you'll ever make.

  2. If your QuickBooks data is being stored on a server, make sure the person responsible for the backup of the server downloads and reads "insider tip #3" from my QuickBooks backup guide. If this step is NOT done, it is very likely your QuickBooks performance will suffer (or may already be suffering a lot!)

  3. Download and install the latest patches/fixes to all installed copies of your QuickBooks - yes, that includes the server too! When QuickBooks presents what I like to call these "nag messages" (as shown below), you'll want to proceed with the installation:

Update Notice for QB
Keep in mind that the installation of these patches will tie up your computer for 5-15 minutes or so. However, it will be time well spent to ensure that your QuickBooks is up-to-date with the latest bug fixes and patches.


Let us know what your favorite tip is to minimize the chances of QuickBooks giving you grief. Just drop your comments in the box below - thanks!





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