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Have you been scratching your head trying to figure out exactly how (and where) QuickBooks posts the information contained in purchase orders and sales orders?

Good news - you don't have to look very far. Neither of these transactions post anywhere in your QuickBooks accounting records. And by that, I mean into your ledger.


Even though the purchase orders and sales orders contain items, amounts, and other details, they are really designed to be informational only.

This concept is better defined when you look at your chart of accounts and see them listed at the bottom with the "non-posting" designation (estimates are non-posting too!):

Non Posting Entries


You can run various reports that pull together information on sales orders (i.e. open sales order report) and purchase orders (open purchase orders by item) to quickly and easily check status on them.

However, if you try to run any of the transaction detail reports (Reports > Custom Transaction Detail), you'll come up empty, since only "posting" transactions appear on these type of reports.






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