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QuickBooks Enterprise 2013: 5 Features Not Found in QuickBooks Pro or Premier

QuickBooks Enterprise 2013 contains many features that the QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier versions don't have.

QB13ES_r3dHere is a closer look at five of those features...

  1. The ability to have more than 5 users working at the same time - QuickBooks Pro is limited to 3 users at the same time. QuickBooks Premier maxes out at 5 users at the same time. QuickBooks Enterprise can have up to 30 users (even some remotely) logged in at the same time.

  2. The ability to store more than 14,500 items or customers - QuickBooks Enterprise allows for you to have up to 100,000 customers or inventory items (though I wouldn't plan on having that many). QuickBooks Pro and Premier max out at 14,500 of each. Keep in mind - there is no "early warning system" in QuickBooks Pro or Premier to let you know about getting close to these limits. You'll need to monitor your situation by pressing the F2 key to know how many you have.

  3. A deeper set of user security and permission settings - QuickBooks Enterprise 2013 does a much better job in allowing or restricting access to QuickBooks data at a lot deeper level. Be sure to check out my QuickBooks User Settings and Security Guide for more information

  4. The ability to keep more history in a larger company data file - QuickBooks Enterprise 2013 can handle a data file that is usually 5-7 times larger than the biggest file size that QuickBooks Pro and Premier can handle. While these aren't hard and fast numbers, ten years of hands-on experience with Enterprise shows them to be good reference points.

    Many businesses don't even know they are at risk because their QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier data files are too big. Be sure to download my guide that talks about QuickBooks file size limits and what the options are for more insight on this critical QuickBooks issue.

  5. The ability to connect remote offices easily - Working hand-in-hand with Windows Terminal Services/Remote Desktop software, QuickBooks Enterprise 2013 can easily be accessed by remote road warriors, as long as they have a connection to the internet. No messy VPN's to worry about (QuickBooks doesn't work with them anyway). Just connect to the internet and then to your QuickBooks company data.

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