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This particular question has popped up no less than five times in the last two weeks, so let's take a moment to see how to handle it in QuickBooks.


  • You create a bill to pay a vendor within QuickBooks
  • You pay that vendor with an online payment rather than cutting them a check from your internal check stock
  • You need to tell QuickBooks that you paid it online, but don't see any selections that fit the need


You will enter the bill in QuickBooks and go to your bank's web site to pay it just as you normally do.

From there, you'll return to QuickBooks and go to the Pay Bill screen. Check the vendor bill that was paid online, and head to the bottom of the Pay Bill screen (click the image for a larger view):

How to Show Online Bill Payment

To show that the bill for Middlefield Drywall above was paid online, be sure the "Method" option is set to "Check" and the option directly to the right is set to "Assign Check Number". Ensure all the other information on this screen (i.e. date, bank account, etc.) is correct and click the "Pay Selected Bills" screen.

From there, you'll see this window:

How to Show Online Bill Payment Assign Window

In the window above, type in Online, Online Pmt, or some other term you prefer to reflect this particular bill was paid online, then click OK. The bill will now be marked as paid, and it will show it was paid online instead of by a check.

Repeat this process for any and all other bills you have queued up in the Pay Bills screen that are being paid online.


Why not take care of all this at once - pay the bill and get the online payment done all in one step?

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