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QuickBooks: What If I Have a Customer and Vendor With the Same Name?

As you have discovered, you cannot have a customer and vendor with the same name in your QuickBooks.

Good news! There is a very easy workaround for this!

In this instance, I'm referring to the box at the top of the customer screen (shown below) and the same box at the top of the vendor screen:

Customer Name Box

Because of how the QuickBooks database stores and indexes information, these names can't be the same, even if you do business with someone that is both a customer and a vendor.

Here's the workaround...

  • Add a -C at the end of the name for the customer
  • Add a -V at the end of the name for the vendor

By doing this, QuickBooks will think they are two different entries and you can proceed to save them with ease.

There are many other variations of this approach of course. As long as just one character is different between the customer version of the name and the vendor version of the name, QuickBooks will allow you to add it to the appropriate list.





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