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QuickBooks Company Snapshot: An "Oh Cool" Moment for Your Boss

Here's a good way to keep your boss occupied for a while...

Show them the Company Snapshot feature in QuickBooks! They will have so much to absorb when they see it you won't be hearing from them any time soon.

Accessing the Snapshot feature is easy - click Company (in the menu bar), then Company Snapshot and a window like this appears (click the graphic for a larger display):

Company Snapshot Full Display

Within the Company Snapshot there is easy access to the following nuggets of knowledge:

  • Income and Expense Trends
  • Previous Year Income Comparison
  • Customers Who Owe Money
  • Account Balances
  • Top Customers by Sales
  • Previous Year Expense Comparison

You can easily add more content to the snapshot, such as:

  • Income breakdown
  • Best selling items
  • Top vendors by expense
  • Vendors to pay
  • Reminders

Each of the above tidbits of information can be added, deleted or moved around the snapshot screen with ease. You can even print a copy of the dashboard for those that still like hard copies of things or print it to a PDF file and e-mail it to your boss or management team.

Use the Company Snapshot feature of QuickBooks and hopefully extra credit points from your boss come your way soon!





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