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QuickBooks: Create a Report to Show Customer Payments Received

Building Better Business Finances: Income by Customer Summary Report

The Income by Customer Summary report in QuickBooks allows you to quickly and easily see the revenue generated by your customers over a given period of time. Here is a sample report (click the image for a larger view):

Income by Customer Summary

Keep in mind that you can hover over any value within this report to quickly and easily drill down and see the transaction details behind it.

Bonus tips for this report:

  • The "sort by" box in the upper right hand corner allows you to sort by default (customer name) or total income by customer.
  • The "columns" box just to the left of the "sort by" box allows you to display the information across a wide variety of date ranges. The screen shot above was shown using the "month" option to easily see a month-by-month look at the revenues by customer.





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