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Been scratching your head trying to figure out where QuickBooks hides your company data file and information?

Here are two easy ways to see exactly where your QuickBooks information is located:

  • While working in your QuickBooks company file, click File > Open Previous Company (in the menu bar). Once there, you'll see exactly where your data file is located. You'll see something like c:\Program Files\Intuit\etc. This is called the "path", so if you were trying to find this via the My Computer icon, you would just follow the "path" to get to it (i.e. click the C: drive icon, then click the Program Files icon, etc.)

    Note that if you work on multiple QuickBooks company files, you'll see up to four of them listed when you use this method to find your file.

  • Tap the F2 key (or use CTRL + 1). A screen will pop up that shows a LOT of information about your QuickBooks data file, and among that will be a box that shows the location of your file.





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