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How to Easily Duplicate an Estimate, Sales Order or Invoice in QuickBooks

So you are looking for the ability to quickly make a copy of an existing estimate, sales order or invoice in QuickBooks?

Doing so is pretty easy. First, open up the estimate, sales order or invoice that you want to copy from (Tip: use the handy new search feature in QuickBooks 2011 and newer or the Edit > Find option in older versions of QuickBooks).

From there, you have a couple of options:

  • Right click anywhere inside the form and then click on the "Duplicate" option
  • Click Edit in the menu bar, then click the "Duplicate" option

At that point, QuickBooks will literally copy and paste the contents from the old into the new. From there, you can change or edit information as needed, and then save it.

This can be a huge timesaver for many businesses that do a lot of "same as, except for" type of quoting or invoicing situations where the core of the information remains the same but one or two pieces of information need to change.





Can I Export My QuickBooks Inventory List to Excel?

If you have a need to export your inventory list in QuickBooks to Excel, you're in luck.

The easy way to accomplish this task is as follows:

  • Open your item list (click Lists > Item List)
  • Head to the button at the bottom of the list that says "Excel" on it
  • Click the option that says "Export All Items"

Follow the remaining prompts at that point, and a copy of your inventory list will appear in Excel.

If you are thinking about bringing information back into your QuickBooks inventory list from Excel, you will want to know about the Add/Edit Multiple items option found in newer versions of QuickBooks.

To access this bonus feature:

  • Open your item list
  • Head to the bottom of the list and click the box that says "Item"
  • From there, choose the Add/Edit Multiple Items

This will open up an Excel like sheet where you can copy and paste selected information back into QuickBooks.




Can I Run a QuickBooks Enterprise File on QuickBooks Pro or Premier?

Looking to downgrade from QuickBooks Enterprise into either the Pro or Premier versions?

Here are your options to consider:

  • There is no direct way to take your existing QuickBooks Enterprise data file and open it in QuickBooks Pro or Premier. It just won't work. You'll have to take your data file and have a third-party service like QuickBooksUsers.com transfer it into the Pro or Premier format. There is a fee for this service, but it may be easily justified as it allows you to continue working with all of your historical QuickBooks data.
  • You can start a brand new QuickBooks data file and start using it in Pro or Premier. It IS possible to export your customers, vendors, inventory and chart of account lists out of the Enterprise file and import that information into your Pro or Premier file. In addition, you could consider using a tool like Transaction Pro Importer to import historical transactions into your Pro or Premier file.

There are pros and cons and expenses to consider with either of the options discussed above. You'll want to understand the implications of the second option when it comes to comparing year-to-year financial results, sales reports, etc. Weigh the alternatives carefully to ensure you make the best possible decision for your business finances.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Note that making a move of your data from QuickBooks Pro or Premier into Enterprise is quite simple. The first time you open your data file in Enterprise, it automatically updates your data into the Enterprise format.




QuickBooks 2012: Available to Order September 26th

According to a news release from PC World, QuickBooks 2012 will be available for download starting on September 26, 2011, and the "box/CD" version will be available beginning on October 9, 2011.

Will QuickBooks 2012 contain enough new features to convince your business to upgrade? Stay tuned to my blog for more details about what features are included in QuickBooks 2012 so you can do your own evaluation. You can subscribe in the box to the left to get an automatic update any time new content is posted to my blog.

POST UPDATES: 10/1/2011

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