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4 posts from August 2011

QuickBooks Training Session Schedule - Join Me This Fall!

My online QuickBooks training sessions are your perfect opportunity to better understand the QuickBooks and bookkeeping used in your business.

QB Training on Monitor Here is a list of the QuickBooks training sessions coming up soon:


  • These training sessions will be recorded and links provided to all those who register. This will allow you to play back the session at your convenience.
  • Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If you don't find the webinar informative, a refund will be provided.
  • These training sessions apply to QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise for Windows. They do not apply to QuickBooks for Mac, QuickBooks Online, or QuickBooks Simple Start.

I hope to have you join in the fun and learning on one or more of these sessions!

Questions about them? Just click the Contact button below and I'll be sure to get them answered for you.




Dude - Where are My Customers? My QuickBooks Customer List is Blank!

Did you open QuickBooks today and find that your customer list has disappeared?

While I can't assure you that your customer list will reappear, here are some steps to try and get it back:

  • Shut down all open programs and reboot your computer. Has the list now reappeared?
  • Open QuickBooks, and then open your customer list. Click View > Re-sort list. Did this do the trick?
  • Click Banking (in the menu bar), then Write Checks. Place your cursor in the "Pay to the Order of" field and press CTRL + L. In the name window that appears, head to the bottom left hand corner, click the Name box, then click the Re-sort list option. Here's hoping this did it for you.

As a final step to try and recover your customer list in QuickBooks, click File (in the menu bar), then Utilities, then Rebuild data. Follow the prompts to create a backup copy of your information and then rebuild your database.

My hope is that one of these steps above brings your customer list back to life.


If you have tried all the steps above and your customers are still missing, chances are VERY good that there is some damage to your QuickBooks data file.

You'll want to connect with the great folks at QuickBooksUsers.com and enlist their help to fix the problems with your QuickBooks data. They have helped a number of my clients with problems just like these!




QuickBooks 2011: Potential Problems with R8 Update

ALERT: Do you use QuickBooks 2011 for Windows? (Pro, Premier or Enterprise versions)

If you do and are being prompted to install the R8 update, your best bet is to hold off on it for now.

Apparently, there are a number of problems being reported with this update including the fact that QuickBooks may stop working.

If you have already installed the R8 update and have not experienced any of the problems being reported, it is business as usual for you.

I expect to see an R9 update being pushed out soon to try and fix these problems that have popped up with R8. We'll have to wait and see what the next step is from Intuit on this situation.

If you need help recovering from these or other problems in your QuickBooks, please contact me.

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How Come I Can't See Purchase Orders in QuickBooks?

I can hear it now...

"I could have sworn the box said that QuickBooks can handle purchase orders, but I can't find them anywhere, no matter what buttons I push!"

Does this describe you?

If so, here's some good news!

Purchase orders are indeed included in the Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks. If you don't see an icon on your home screen labeled "Purchase Order", you will need to venture into the preferences to make a quick update.


To activate them, click Edit (in the menu bar), then Preferences.

Down the left hand side, click the Items and Inventory preference and then click the tab that says "Company Preferences". Once here, put a check mark by the option that says "Inventory and Purchase Orders are Active" as shown in the screen shot below (click the image for a larger view):

Purchase Order Preference

Once you do that, click OK and you will now have access to the purchase order (as well as inventory) functionality within QuickBooks.