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How to Close an Open Sales Order in QuickBooks

Need to manually close a sales order in QuickBooks?

This situation can sometimes be the result of orders not shipping in their entirety, customers cancelling backorders or other issues.

You will find it a snap to manually close a sales order in QuickBooks.

Here's how:

  • Find the sales order that needs to be closed and put it on your screen
  • Head to the bottom of the order and click the "Closed" box
  • A "Closed" stamp will appear at the top of the sales order as shown below (click the image for a larger display):
       Closing a Sales Order





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Thanks for your help. I usually encounter this problem.

Very good tips and viewpoint. Usually the success of a business or a site comes from your own hands also. Think wisely and positive. Thanks for having it here.. :)

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