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7 posts from April 2011

QuickBooks Tip: Turn on the Open Window List and Work More Efficiently

Simplify your work in QuickBooks each day!

Take advantage of the Open Windows list so you can:

  • See each and every window currently open in QuickBooks
  • Jump between these windows quickly and easily

Activating the Open Windows list is a snap. Just:

  • Click View, then click Open Window List

Once that is done, a graphic appears on the left hand side of your QuickBooks screen that will show all the open windows like the sample below:

Open Window List 2011

In the example above, there are 4 windows currently open - you can jump to any of them instantly by clicking on the desired window in the list.

Remember: Less clicks = more vacation time for you!



Can An Inventory Item Have Two Different Descriptions in QuickBooks?

I'm often asked "can I have one description for an inventory item on my purchase orders to vendors and another description show up for that very same item on my estimates, sales orders or invoices?"

Indeed you can! Here's how...

If you have the inventory feature of QuickBooks turned on, when you create an "inventory part" or "inventory assembly", you will be presented with a screen that looks like the sample below (click on the graphic to enlarge)

Item Descriptions in QuickBooks

Note that the box on the left hand side of the item screen is specific to purchase orders. Whenever you pull this item to a purchase order, the description in that box will automatically pull with it. Naturally, you can change or delete that description on the purchase order itself.

Same goes for the right hand side of the item screen - whatever you type in that box will automatically pull to your sales documents, which include estimates, sales orders and/or invoices. You can change or delete that description on the sales documents too.


What if you want this same capability in QuickBooks for non-inventory parts, services or other charges in QuickBooks?

Check the box on the screen that says "This x is used in assemblies or is performed by a subcontractor or partner". A sample screen shot is below (click to enlarge)

Item Descriptions in QuickBooks - Ver 2

Having this check mark then opens up the "dual description" capability within non-inventory, service and other charge items in QuickBooks.



Tracking Jobs and Projects in QuickBooks - New Webinar

Want to develop a better understanding of tracking jobs and project in QuickBooks?

Please join me for my upcoming webinar and learn the following:

  • How to create a new job from scratch
  • Understand the differences between customers and jobs
  • How to create and categorize job types
  • Assigning income and expenses to jobs
  • Tracking job estimates vs. actuals
  • Much, much more...

DON'T WORRY: If you can't make the live webinar, it will be recorded and a link provided to everyone that registers for viewing at your convenience.

Register for Tracking Jobs and Projects in QuickBooks: The Basics in Online webinar  on Eventbrite


QuickBooks: Multicurrency Resource Center

I was recently working with a potential client and reviewing some of the options available to them relating to the multicurrency capability within QuickBooks Enterprise (this feature is also available in the newer Pro and Premier versions of QuickBooks).

During that time, I came across an excellent resource that Intuit has put together - The Multicurrency Resource Center for QuickBooks.

Kudos to Intuit for putting together some very helpful information on this topic!

BONUS TIP: If you are thinking about activating the multicurrency feature in an existing QuickBooks data file, be aware that you will NOT be able to undo that decision.

Unlike many other preferences within QuickBooks, the switch to multicurrency cannot be undone. Because of that, please be sure to have a good understanding of how it works before activating it.

My suggestion is to practice with this functionality in a sample company file first before making it "live" in your main QuickBooks file. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises and outcomes based on incorrect expectations.



How Do I Remove the Intuit Payment Network Stuff From My Invoices?

Are your customers complaining about the "Intuit Payment Network stuff" showing up on their invoices?

Here's how to make QuickBooks stop putting that message on the invoice in the first place...

Click Edit > Preferences > Payments > Company Preferences and uncheck the two boxes shown in the Invoice Payments section of the screen as shown below:

IPN Preference
That will make this message disappear until you want it back.


Anyone that upgraded to QuickBooks 2011 discovered that a new check mark magically appeared on their invoices like that shown below:

IPN Check Box

If the check mark is not removed, a message is added to the bottom of each invoice that promotes the Intuit Payment Network.

In many cases, the business sending the invoice had NO idea this was even happening and was quite embarrassed to learn about it from their customers.


To me, this is clearly a case of what Intuit calls their "in-product marketing" going way too far. There are far better ways to promote the benefits of the Intuit Payment Network (and believe me, there are many!) than this.

Businesses that just spent a good sum of money to upgrade to the 2011 edition of QuickBooks should NOT have to find out from their customers that their new software had secretly added unwanted promotional messages to customer invoices.


Do you think it was right for Intuit to automatically add this in product promotion? I welcome your thoughts and comments in the box below!



QuickBooks for Mfg: Inventory Reorder Report by Vendor in QuickBooks

Been looking for an Inventory Reorder Report sorted by vendor in QuickBooks?

Users of the Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition of QuickBooks have this report right at their fingertips.

Located on the Reports > Manufacturing and Wholesale Menu, the Inventory Reorder by Vendor Report nicely summarizes this information for you as shown in the sample screen shot below (click on the graphic for a larger view):

  Inventory Reorder by Vendor Rpt

Now, if only the next generation of this report would only show those items that have to be reordered! Think we can convince Intuit to add that feature? Voice your opinion in the comment box below!




QuickBooks Enterprise 2011: Your Resource and Buying Guide

Considering the purchase of QuickBooks Enterprise 2011?

Thinking about upgrading from an existing version of QuickBooks Pro or Premier into QuickBooks Enterprise?

I thought this list of resources would be helpful for you to make an informed evaluation of your options.







Buy Now Button

Here's why:

  • I will ensure you get the RIGHT answers to your questions and NOT just a sales pitch to try and sell you something.
  • Nobody can offer Enterprise to you for a lower price than I can.
  • You will be supporting a local small business, just like yours. This allows me to continue providing QuickBooks insight and knowledge to all via my QuickBooks blog.
  • You still get all the Full Service Plan (FSP) benefits that Intuit promotes, including a free upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise, a full year of technical support direct from the QuickBooks Enterprise support team, and a free 25 GB online data backup service for a full year. I also offer QuickBooks Enterprise consulting services, but separate fees apply to those.


Please drop them in the box below or contact me directly and I will do my best to help with them.