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After years of having to endure the hassles (and in some cases nightmares) of the QuickBooks registration process, things are changing for the better.

I recently received notification from a high level executive at Intuit that anyone trying to register QuickBooks 2010 will now have the option to register either completely on-line or via the traditional phone system.

My understanding is that this process will be very similar to that when you register Microsoft Office. If so, kudos to Intuit for implementing this change. In addition, thanks to you for posting your comments and experience about the registration process on my post to the CEO of Intuit.

It's too bad that thousands of people had to endure the hassles of the phone registration system before this QuickBooks online registration option came to life. However, I am thankful the change has been made.

Just so you know, the ability to register online only applies to QuickBooks 2010 versions. In the event you have to re-register an older version of QuickBooks, the only option available is phone registration.

Have you had the ability to register QuickBooks using the new online method yet? How was your experience? Please post a comment below to let everyone know how it worked out for you.




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You will need to contact QuickBooks support directly to resolve your issue. They are the only ones that can help with that.

Scott Gregory

My Quickbooks has failed to register online it requests for a validation code, even if Iam connected on internet. Its version for 2010

Absolutely brilliant post guys, been following your blog for 3 days now and i should say i am starting to like your post. and now how do i subscribe to your blog?

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