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Attention IT Geeks: Information on QuickBooks and Remote Access

Looking for ways to help your clients connect remotely to QuickBooks software, especially the Enterprise version?

Download this special whitepaper from Intuit:

Maximizing the Value and Performance of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions with Remote Desktop Services

In addition, make sure to view this knowledgebase article that discusses the compatibility of various types of networks with QuickBooks.

It is extremely important to note that:

  • A terminal services environment is ONLY supported for the Enterprise version of QuickBooks, not Pro or Premier.
  • QuickBooks (any version) is NOT designed to work with WANs
  • QuickBooks (any version) is NOT designed to work with VPNs - you will find the performance to be abysmal
  • QuickBooks (any version) is NOT designed to work with wireless LANs - you will very likely encounter connectivity problems and dropped connections to the QuickBooks data file

Remember, don't shoot the messenger! <grin>

I didn't make these rules - just thought you'd find them helpful.




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