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QuickBooks 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and Windows 7 Compatibility

After speaking with a product development manager at QuickBooks about an unrelated issue, she was kind enough to share two very helpful links with me that I wanted to pass along to you.

As mentioned in my earlier blog post, QuickBooks 2010 (all versions) is compatible with Windows 7, AND is fully supported by the QuickBooks tech support group.

However, what about QuickBooks 2009, 2008 and 2007 and their compatibility with Windows 7?

  • This web page from Microsoft puts an extremely handy compatibility chart for QuickBooks products right at your fingertips.
  • This web page on the Intuit web site has compiled a list of Windows 7 FAQ. Please make special note of the "are there any known defects or conflicts..." section of the site. Here you will find direct links to the knowledgebase articles addressing these specific concerns.

The key thing to remember - if you are using anything other than QuickBooks 2010 with Windows 7, you will likely have to find specific solutions (if they exist) to any problems you might incur outside of the normal QuickBooks support channel.

My suggestion? Before moving your "live" QuickBooks file into Windows 7, open a sample data file first. Try to replicate things in the sample file within the Windows 7 environment first to see if you encounter any trouble. While you may not be able to test everything you do in your "live" file this way, the process should allow you to gain some comfort in using QuickBooks with Windows 7 before moving your "live" company data file into it.

To access the sample company files, simply click File > Close Company/Logoff, then click the Open a Sample File icon, make a selection and begin testing.

What is your experience so far with QuickBooks 2007, 2008, or 2009 in the Windows 7 environment? Please drop a comment below - my readers thank you!


Scott Gregory is a specialist with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise software.

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Are you using the US version of QuickBooks?

Scott Gregory

We are having recent problems with QB 2009-2010 on XP computer.
It has gone into a non hosting of multi user access. We have previously had multi user access. Have you any suggestions. Our QP advisory rep of course does not support this version any more and will not provide help.


Your best bet is to ensure that QuickBooks for Mac has all the needed functionality that you currently have in the Enterprise edition. There are huge differences between the two. My guess is you'll end up staying with Enterprise.

If you do go the Mac route, my thought is you'll want to start a new QuickBooks company file/database at that time to minimize frustration and problems.

Scott Gregory

I have QB Enterprise Solutions 8 running on Windows 7, I would like to convert it to Quick Books for Mac! Please guide me!


Why QB developer not make some tools, so we user QB2009 can still use QB2009 in Win 7.

Hello. I have QB2007 on a Windows XP computer and am considering upgrading to QBPremier on a Windows 7 computer. Can the data that was created in the 2007 version be integrated into the more recent QB software? I haven't been able to find an answer . . . Thank you.


Curious - why would you install the 2007 version of QB?

It is already 5 years old at this stage?

You'll also want to review the QuickBooks for PC vs. Mac article on my blog for more insights:

Scott Gregory

I have Quickbooks for Mac, (never used) I also have Quickbooks 2002 for windows, which I use for my accounting. My question is if I buy a version of quickbooks 2007 for windows will it allow me to backup to QB 2007 for mac. I would like to convert everything over to my mac. Thank you

Please e-mail me at if you can make any sense of my issues with importing my company file for out secretary as any help would be appreciated.

I am troubleshooting an issue with Intuit Enterprise main software is Quickbooks Pro 2010 on a Windows XP Machine...well I just setup an Intuit Enterprise Solutions suite on a Windows 7 computer, but when I try to import my company file, I get an error. I understand that there are two huge red flags here, but why isn't it working and does anybody have any idea how to fix it without buying MORE software?

I updated from Vista 32 bit HP to W 7 this May (2011). QB 2009 will not e-mail invoices to customers. A call to Intuit QB produced the upgrade answer. Go to 2011 and I'll have no problem.

Apparnetly this "error 20" issue related to QB's PDF "printer." Any ideas about how to solve this issue?

I will ensure you get the RIGHT answers to your questions and NOT just a sales pitch to try and sell you something.You will be supporting a local small business, just like yours. This allows me to continue providing QuickBooks insight and knowledge to all via my QuickBooks blog.

I would like to appreciate the work of blog author that the person provided us with an extremely excellent information regarding the topic. Ireally learned something from this blog and started to contribute my ideas via commenting on this blog. Keep it up

I also would like to say I pay 500.00 for anything I shouldn't have to pay for any help or that comes from their brand, period. So I'm going with a total diff. Brand, I may only have dialup but its just suppost to be slow nothing else. Thank you for your time.

I really am disappointed with the operation of this windows7 computer,I plan on getting a different one next year,cause I want what I paid for and this pc hasn't worked right since we've had it and hp support is not the way to go,cause I was on phone for 7hrs.strate and still nothing,my advice to the world is stay away from all hp computers.

@Ernesto Reyes, Ya, same here.

I installed Windows 7 on my laptop - purchased QB Pro 2010, and started using the program - My mail program is now Windows Live Mail, and I am having no luck at all in getting the QB program to attach my customer's invoices to email - the only option it offers is to go online and send invoices thru Quickbooks, which is a service they want to charge me for. If I had known I would not be able to send my invoices and statements thru my Windows Mail, I would never have paid for this program! Also, I have tried in vain to print my invoices/statements - I get nowhere! I will have an invoice ready to print, click 'print', and it flashes, and nothing goes to the print que - also, I've gone to 'File, Preferences, etc, etc', as well as 'File, Printer Setup, etc, etc,' and nothing fixes this issue. I keep getting an error code 'Code 14996 07806' , then the program wants to send an error message to QB, then it has to shut down, so it crashes over and over, whenever I try to rectify the issue. I do not want to have to pay QB to send invoices and statements, and, if this can't be resolvded, I will want every dime back and will send this program back to them and they can stick it where no sun shines!!
Please help - I have not gotten any satisfaction from their Support pages, online support, etc -

I am running Quickbooks in my Windows 7 and have no problems encountered so far. Thanks for your informative post.

Thanks for posting your comment – most appreciated.

This isn’t the first time I have heard about callers being told that an older version of QB isn’t compatible with Windows XP. Sounds like an upsell pitch to me.

It is true that only QuickBooks 2010 is supported on Windows7 (some have found ways to make older versions work, but not recommended).

Hope you heard back from the supervisor with a more intelligent response.

Scott Gregory

I just spoke with a rep at qb and she told me qb 2008 premiere is not compatible with xp, vista, or windows 7. I believe they are just trying to sell you a newer product. Evidently she doesn't know what she is talking about. Still waiting to here from her supervisor.

It is running natively in Windows 7. I have not set it to run in compatabilty mode. I just checked with the Properties tab and no boxes are checked.


Thank your for the update on your experience with Windows 7 and QuickBooks.

Curious - are you running QB 2007 natively within Windows 7 or in XP Compatibility Mode?

We were told (as advisors) that it wouldn't run natively at all.


I have performed a clean install of Windows 7, 64bit, home premium on my desktop computer. Previous OP was Vista (glad to be rid of that). I am running QB Premier 2007 Contractor. That did install properly and did accept my company file, backed up before installing 7. Thus far things appear fine. I also encountered the ominous warnings from the QB rep when going through the registration process. My original install was in Feb,of 2007, had to register again.

I am pleased with the snappier performance and faster loading of QB with my new OP system. I do not plan to upgrade to 2010. I will monitor others experiences with 7 & QB2007.

Hi Wallace:

Thanks for taking the time to make this post and provide an update on your experience in getting QB 2007 to run on Windows 7. Glad you were able to get them to play nicely together!

I'm not sure if you have seen the ongoing discussion about the hassles of the registration process or not that is going on here:

Unfortunately, your story of frustration is similar to many, many others...

Scott Gregory

I have installed QB 2007 Pro 3 user version on a Windows 7 desktop (Server/user version) and a Windows 7 laptop (User Version). Both installed successfully. You need to go ahead and setup an administrator user with a password to make it and other programs install properly. Also, to connect to the desktop/server from my laptop, I had to turn off the firewall (probably could have just setup some port exceptions but turning it off was easier initially). After that it worked.

Note: in the process of registering QB on the laptop, I ended up talking to a QB rep (probably in India) who told me that only QB 2010 worked properly with W7 and that I was at risk of corrupting my data file if I did not upgrade (I have not read that anywhere on the net yet, so I wonder if he was being truthful). He then spent 10 minutes on a sales pitch on why I should buy the QB 2010 upgrade from him and not spend 100 less at Sam's Club to buy it. I then had to remind him to give me my activation code. Not a good experience.

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