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Oh boy, this is going to be great! Or so I thought...Frustrated Computer User on Phonel

When I saw some discussion about QuickBooks 2010 that referenced "an improved registration process", I was hoping that QuickBooks users everywhere would be rejoicing!

I immediately thought - full online registration capabilities and no more need to call the product registration desk in order to get QuickBooks registered. No more annoying sales pitches for other products and services while I was on the phone.

Well, I'm quite disappointed to report that I am 0 for 10 so far in being able to get QuickBooks 2010 registered online without having to call the registration desk.

I have asked Intuit to provide some additional insight into why the "black box" that is used during the software registration process has kicked me over to the registration desk all 10 times. Maybe I'm just unlucky I guess? To date, I haven't received any feedback or insight on my request. I hope to have some additional insight to report to you soon.

What has been your experience with registering QuickBooks 2010? Good? Bad? Really Ugly?

Post a comment and sound off below. The more Intuit hears from end users about their registration experiences, the more likely problems that are being reported will go toward the top of the problem resolution stack!


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Online registration procedure can help to do away with the hassles. Thanks for the excellent write up.

Online registration procedure can help to do away with the hassles. Thanks for the excellent write up.


Your comment cut off the year of QB you are using, but my guess is it is something older than 2009.

Even if it is an older version, it should still turn on ok - sounds like something has gotten messed up on your computer to make it stop opening.

As for getting support directly from Intuit, unless you are using 2009 or newer, that is true - they will not assist you. You will have to upgrade to the newest version of QB. Sorry to have to send that bad news your way.

I also offer QuickBooks consulting and help. If you'd like to connect on that, let me know. Sessions start at $79 for 30 minutes.

Scott Gregory

I am very dissapointed with QB, I have a QB Pro 200 that has many customers and pricing for my business. Now It wont even turn on without registering it. But, they wont let me without upgrading it. I dont want to. I like mine, it took me years to input all of my customer info, and products. Now Im SCREWED I cant get to any of it. HELP!

After trying to register many times by choosing the option of not an acct or other amazing person. I followed the brillant "ghostbuster" advice (in above post) and chose the option of being an acct. It worked!!! No phone registration needed...

I had a similar experience with registration for Quickbooks 2010 and had to pay all again in order to register. I've used Quickbooks for over 10 years, and will switch to a rival product in the future.

I had my computer crash twice and had to reinstall QuickBooks 2010 three times and while my computer tech took my computer I had to put it on another computer for two days so I could work. When I went to reinstall it after getting my computer back I had to call in to get the code. They said I had gone past the maximun times the software could be installed. They said the allowed times are two: one laptop and one tower. They also told me if my computer tech opens QuickBooks at all that he would have to pay $249 for a service contract and if anyone else happens to use my computer and opens QuickBooks they are suppose to pay $240 also. Geez. Did anyone know about that!!! QuickBooks can only see the number of times installed. I had to fight to convince them that it was really all on one computer.

I have paid a shit load of money for this application which I cannot register. The fact is that it does not happen online and I am prompted to phone the UK number from Namibia. Given the delay in getting any help the phone call costs as much as the product. I will definitely get another product that I can actually use and make a strong public recommendation not to touch this product. The service sucks. The advert blurb is that it will repay itself in 60 days. Ha frikking Ha. It has cost me money, telephone calls and I cannot use this piece of crap which is a wasted expense. Thumbs down quickbooks.

Been using 2009 QB on Mac for 2 years and for the past 8 months I have the nag screen to enter in phone/zip code data every time I start a new session of Quickbooks. As every one else I paid a pretty penny to Intuit for the application and wonder why. Of course I know why, all my orders and data are tied up in it but still....why in the world do I have to go through these steps every time I start the program. I have work to get done and deadlines to meet.
Any advise beyond finding a new application?

please how can i deactivate my license from old system and register a new system. please help me out


Thanks for the post - glad it helped save you some time (and hopefully a headache!)

Scott Gregory

Hey Scott,

I read your post and then called to register my copy of Quickbooks 2011. The rep said, "it will take just a moment for me to generate the validation code" and I could sense the sales pitch coming. So I said, "great, I'm going to put you on speaker phone while I go make some coffee. Just start talking loudly when you have the validation code." No sales pitch, just loud talking before I even left the room.

Thanks for this post Scott!


Thanks for your post about your recent reinstallation of the various editions of QuickBooks.

All I know is this - you definitely got hooked up with the right rep from Intuit to get all this done with minimal hassles!

Glad it all worked out well for you...

Scott Gregory

Hello Dona:

Glad to hear that all went well with your install of QB 2007 on Windows 7!

Keep in mind that the 2007 version is not supported in a Windows 7 setup - here's hoping it continues to work like a charm for you!

Scott Gregory

I just completed the installation of Quickbooks Pro or Premier editions for:
99, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.
Also Enterprise 6, 7 and 9.

This is for an client (an accounting firm) who is replacing a PC with a newer model.

When I installed 99 and needed to call for the reg code, I was able to get reg codes (validation codes for the newer ones) for ALL these versions with a single phone call, and afterward was able to use the phone registration options to register all of these without having to call back.

I was somewhat amazed that I was able to get all of this in about 40 minutes on the phone, including me reading each license key and product number to the guy, who was somewhat dyslexic, I think since he kept reading the numbers back out of order...

I was also amazed that I didn't get any sales pitch at all, and no pressure for a CC#.

It's just one data point, but perhaps they finally heard what we were saying...

I just installed my old quickbooks pro 2007 on my new HP computer with Windows 7 w/o a hitch. It has not asked me to register it yet, but the program is operating smoothly. It installed w/o a hitch and accepted my backed up information from my other computer. I am so relieved! I did not want to purchase quickbooks 2010 and it looks like I won't have to!

Thanks for the insights that you gave. I have'nt yet registered with QuickBooks 2010. But I will try it next time. Thank you!

I am throughly discussed with this virson of Qucik Book Pro 2010 I was given a number to call to get this porgram registered-- this number put me in touch with someone from India who could not speak English - I could not understand what he was saying. Finally I hung up and tried to enter my bills in the accounting system and the god damn thing keep telling me my entery was not inbalance NOW I CAN NOT EVEN USE THIS SYSTEM AND I AM OUT OVER $200.00 THAMKS FOR A PROGRAM THAT IS WORTH NOTHING TO ME

I am looking for a replacement for this product right now. I could not get it regfistered, I was previously using it.
We are buying intuit products no more.

Hello Scott:

In my case they didn't even ask me when I called, they simply signed me up because I was asking a quasi-support pre-purchase question: How to go about restoring my multiple 2007 licenses in 2010. Intuit used a credit card number they had on file, but it is a card that we stopped using quite some time ago, but must have used it to purchase QBP2005. I considered it a sales question (what do I purchase to get multiple-licenses working w/2010, how much would Intuit sell it to me for) and the idea that it would generate a tech support plan subscription didn't even cross my mind at the time. It certainly didn't come up in our conversation. I like QBP. I liked Peachtree before that. Intuit company needs some real competiton to motivate them to get their business ethical head screwed back into place.

I have used several versions of Quickbooks for the past 10 years and have never had such a terrible time with registration. I am the only user and use QB in the office and also at home. I upgraded from QB 2007 and installed the QB 2010 version on my home computer first and had to call in registration for the validation code. I went into the office and installed the software there and went through the registration process AGAIN. I entered the validation code and finsihed the registration and all seemed well, until logging back into quickbooks & it's still telling me I have to register. When I called registration they tried to upsell me for everything under the sun again, when I declined I was then told I had to purchase another user license (even though I'm the only user) for $149 to be able to use QB2010 on the second computer. For 10 years I've worked from home and at the office with one user license.....I refused and then was told to call tech support, but because I didn't pay for the tech support plan I would have to pay for help with the registration problem. So as of now I have one computer registered and 3 days left to get the office computer registered. I don't know what I'm going to do. They are not getting another dime from me. QUICKBOOKS SERVICE STINKS!!

As a self-employed user (single "employee"), the forced up-sale to send Invoices by email is definitely something I'm sending in to the FTC. Not providing support for W7 on a 4 year old product that is premium priced, I hope it is something the Federal Trade Commision will act upon.
If I had paid $50.00 or so for QuickBooks Pro 2006, then maybe I would understand needing to upgrade regularly. But at $200.00, I am pissed that my QB 2006 is being crippled this way. The US needs to require a minimum of 1 year support for every $10.00 of cost for a program.
QB has radically changed since 1995 when I first started using it, but over the last 5 years very little has changed, at least visibly.
I had to deal with the "call in" registration re-installing my QB 2006 on my Windows 7 64-bit (upgrade from XP 32-bit) last week. The rep tried to scare me into upgrading to 2010 because "many users have experienced 'crashes' when using 2006 on W7". I told him that at a $180.00, it is not worth me to upgrade at this time. He did not try to give me any other sales pitch (guess he realized it would be a total waste of effort) but I still had to wait for a Code to be "generated". He didn't bother asking for personal information or credit card. As far as this BS of "time to generate", I worked on an Apple I computer, back in 1984, that generated codes faster.
After reading your article, I am including references to it on my report to the FTC. Having Registration problems on a older version I did not think much of it, but seeing that it is prevalent even with 2010, I know that it is just a gimmick Intuit is using for sales. It is just giving the "English-as-a-second-language" rep time to increase his commission salary by trying to up-sale. It is a poor business practice and hopefully one that the FTC will have an issue with.
I strongly encourage everyone that has experienced the Registration up-sale to send a letter to the FTC about it. With enough complaints, the FTC will look into it and if there is an issue with it, then Intuit will be forced to change its tactics.

I for one will not be buying QB anymore, even if my company gets big enough to need full accounting services. I will be trying out any competitor I can find, even if has less "bells and whistles".

Wow -- just registered two of my users and it was HELL. We buy the product, pay full price and want to use it -- not bow to its will. I just wanted to chime in and pile my experience. I wish there was a legitimate competitor to Quickbooks.

Hi David:

Thanks for your post about the forced upgrade of your QuickBooks.

Indeed, this has been "standard operating procedure" with Intuit for a number of years. They sunset the support for their software after 3 years.

In some cases, this isn't a big deal. In others like yours, it is a huge deal because you lose access to various services that tie into QuickBooks such as online banking.

Others have indeed voiced their complaints about this forced upgrade after three years. I don't see that changing any time in the near future (unfortunately).

Scott Gregory

I'm so unhappy with Intuit right now i could spit!

I'm just getting ready to send my file over to my accountant to start work on last years corp returns and the K-1s and was interrupted by the mandate by Intuit to force me into an upgrade, specifically the disablement of all my online banking functions. How friggin thoughtless was that by Intuit. They may have received a jump in sales for the qtr but others like me have got to be pissed.

As of right now my credit card balances, bank accounts, etc. are really messed up in QB. The online functionality comes and goes at different times with each institution forcing me to deactivate and reactivate. Consequently, I have multiple entries within each account and even duplicated an account by a mix-click on my part.

Intuit is going to be off the list as soon as I find a replacement for it. (a spreadsheet may be better)

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