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QuickBooks and Windows 7: What to Expect

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QuickBooks 2010 and Windows 7 are on the way. Technology marches on and we stagger along with it!Computer Frustrationl

The question of the day is - will QuickBooks work with Windows 7?

The answer is - it depends (seriously!).

Here's the scoop from the QuickBooks support site...

"QuickBooks 2010 is compatible with Windows 7. QuickBooks 2009 and older versions may install on Windows 7 successfully, however, Intuit's Technical Support of Windows 7 is limited to QuickBooks 2010 products only."

In addition, issues relating to QuickBooks not opening and Google desktop crashing when using QuickBooks 2007, 2008 or 2009 with Windows 7 have been identified. Intuit indicates these problems will be fixed in QuickBooks 2010.


Unless you really like inflicting a lot of pain on yourself over a long period of time, if you are planning on moving to Windows 7, you will want to budget for an upgrade to QuickBooks 2010 as well.

Otherwise, if you phone QuickBooks support with a problem running QuickBooks 2009, 2008, 2007 or older on Windows 7, the first thing you will be told is "they can't help you."

Save up to 20% on your QuickBooks upgrade when the time comes.


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I have QuickBooks 2010 and I love it. I mean it's not absolutely perfect but it's not the worst program I've worked with. I have Windows XP.

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I am pretty sure that quickbooks has adopted to windows 7 already!
This fast compatibility is what I like about quickbooks being off the selves.


Thanks for your post.

Enterprise 9 and Windows 7 - not a good idea. Enterprise 9 in XP mode - may work, but remember, Intuit doesn't support that setup.

In addition, Enterprise 9 is now 2 years behind the curve. Enterprise 2011 was just released a few weeks ago, so if you are going to go the Enterprise route, get 2011. I can save you $$ on your purchase of it if you want to talk further.

Scott Gregory

There is a lot of discussion about QuickBooks Pro running on Windows 7 64-bit. What about running Windows 7 with the Enterprise 9 version? QuickBooks Pro is cheap so an upgrade is no big deal. This is not true of the Enterprise version. Will the Enterprise version run. Will it run in XP mode?

I have tried for over 6 hours to get Quickbooks 2010 Premier to install on Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium with no luck at all. Every time I'm told to make a change or delete a file a new error appears. I've tried downloading from the website, copying the cd to my desktop, and even a clean boot. The box says Windows 7 compatible, but my long list of failings today say it is not.

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We found that with Windows 7 native for the app, or running QuickBooks in Windows XP Mode, we couldn't run updates on payroll. Would say it couldn't make an Internet connection. However, we could use the browser okay as long as it was IE. Once we installed FF and tried to run it, it would also say it couldn't make an Internet connection.


Thanks for taking the time to post your progress and insights on this. I am sure many others will benefit from you blazing the trail.

I had a feeling that the picture in this post would be a good representation of many who attempt to get a non-supported version of QuickBooks to work in Windows 7.

Good luck with your testing!

Scott Gregory

Feel just like the guy in the picture top right.

QuickBooks Regular 2006 ran once in Windows 7 XP Mode. Then I ran the updates. Second time round this message came up. "This application is blocked from running as a Virtual application".

It does work in the Virtual XP PC which hosts XP mode, the navigators work and its prints to my PDF Printer.

How irritating.

I am running QuickBooks Regular 2006 on Windows 7.

One thing works that did not in Vista: Printing to a PDF printer.
One thing does not work that did in Vista: The Navigators. I suspect IE 8 is a step too far for QuicBooks. And there are some minor screens probably also browser based that don't work.

Shortly I will install QuickBooks in Windows 7 in Windows XP Mode and that will solve both problems :)

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