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5 posts from February 2009

Adding the Open Balance on QuickBooks Open Sales Order Report

If your business is using the sales order function in QuickBooks, you need to know a couple of things:

1) There are reports that show the open sales orders by customer as well as open sales orders by item. Both of these reports are found in the Report Center under the Sales option on the left hand side of the window.
2) By default, neither of these reports actually shows the open balance on the sales order. The value that shows in the amount column of these reports is actually the original amount of the sales order, NOT the running balance of the order if you have made partial shipments against it.

Open Sales Order - Original

The good news is that adding the true open balance of the sales order is easy to do. We just need to add another column to this report.

To add the open balance, click on Modify Report in the upper left hand corner of the report, scroll down the list until you find the "Open Balance" option, click on it, and then OK. Once you do that, your report will look like this:

Open Sales Order - with Open Balance

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Let's See if Intuit is Listening! Request a Remit To Address Be Added for Your Vendors

Are you as disappointed as I am that QuickBooks STILL does not have a separate "remit to" address field for your vendors?

Remit To Graphic

After all these years, they still haven't recognized that many vendors have a separate physical address and a remit to address for payments. Uh, hello Intuit? I bet you have this option in the accounting software you use to process your checks!

I attended a conference back in November where one of the lead QuickBooks support engineers indicated they take the "Voice of the Customer" (VOC) very seriously, and they review each and every submission about product enhancements. We'll see about that!

I'm encouraging you to speak up and let them know you want to see this feature in QuickBooks 2010!

Here is the action you need to take if we want to have any hope of getting a remit to address field added:

  • In QuickBooks (doesn't matter what version you are using), click Help, then Send Feedback Online, then Product Suggestion.
  • This will open another window that goes directly to the QuickBooks online feedback option.
  • Choose Vendors and Purchases in the Product Area box, and then fill in your request to add a remit to address field for vendor accounts, and click "Send Feedback"

If you feel strongly enough about the topic, submit your feedback each day if you like following the steps above! I just submitted my first request, and plan on doing so once a week for the next 3 months.

We won't know if our requests are successful until QuickBooks 2010 appears - let's keep our fingers crossed that they truly listen to the VOC!

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Problem with Sales Orders in QuickBooks 2009 - Now Fixed

The support department at QuickBooks has recently released an important update to QuickBooks 2009 that will solve the nagging problem with sales orders as reported in this blog post.

Known as "Release 6" (or R6), this update has been long awaited by the thousands of businesses that were suffering from partial sales orders being closed and other strange behavior.

To find out if you need to download this update, open QuickBooks, tap the F2 key, and review the information on the "Product" line at the top of the page. If it says "Release R6P", you are up to date and no action required.

If it says anything less than R6P, simply exit that window, click Help, then Update QuickBooks. Click the Update Now button. Let the download finish, close QuickBooks, restart it, and you will be asked to install the latest download. Select "Install Now", and your QuickBooks will then be updated with this patch.

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Problem with Sales Orders in QuickBooks 2009

If you are using the sales order feature in QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise 2009 and have also enabled the unit of measure option in your company data file, you may be experiencing line items on sales orders that are closing out without being shipped or other strange behavior.

This is a known issue within QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise 2009 (QuickBooks Pro does not contain the sales order feature), and they are working to resolve it. For more insight on the issue, and to get on their notification list for updates and potential resolution of this problem, visit the QuickBooks support site.

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Activating the Enter key in QuickBooks

Getting frustrated with the fact that every time you hit the Enter key in QuickBooks, the result you get is not what you expected?

For example, you are entering details in an invoice and need to move to another line, so naturally you hit enter. What happens then? The invoice usually disappears!

For some reason that I simply can't understand, you have to tell QuickBooks to recognize the Enter key! Unless you activate it, QuickBooks is expecting you to move around the software with your mouse or by using the Tab key.

Good news! Activating the Enter key is easy to do. Here's how:

  • Click Edit, then Preferences, then General
  • A screen like this appears:
    Enter Key
  • Click on the "Pressing Enter moves between fields" option and click OK

Your Enter key is now activated. Your Tab key and mouse will still work also, just like they always have.

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