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TSheets Adds Employee Scheduling Features

One of the most loved employee time tracking apps for QuickBooks (rated 5 stars!) has recently added some new functionality for tracking employee schedules too.

TSheets Logo New

TSheets now offers you the ability to:

  • Eliminate dry-erase boards and funky Excel sheets
  • Schedule employees by shift
  • Schedule staff by job or task - just drag and drop on the schedule
  • Push notifications to employees by text or e-mail

Naturally, TSheets offers an impressive array of methods to capture your employees time, including:

  • Desktop or laptop computers connected to the internet (you can even work offline and upload when online)
  • Smartphones or tablets (Apple or Android)
  • Text message
  • Even call-in capabilities to record time

And did I mention that they offer GPS time-stamping too?

A 14 day, no risk free trial of TSheets is yours for the asking, so if you need an easy way to track employee time or create employee schedules, visit with them today for a closer look. If you like what you see, use code BLASACCTG and get 10% off the TSheets service.


If so, your comments and feedback on how it is working out for you are welcome!


A Super Easy Way to Track Mileage (and a special bonus for you!)

Are you one of the 55 million U.S. workers that can deduct or expense the miles you drive?

If so, the MileIQ app is just for you.


  • Catch every drive automatically with automatic drive capture
  • Build a comprehensive mileage log
  • One swipe drive classification
  • Additional drive details (vehicles, parking, tolls and notes)
  • Standard and custom trip purposes


  • Vehicles and odometer readings
  • Editable mileage rates and units
  • Work hours and custom drive purposes
  • Email and notification preferences
  • Support for mileage reimbursement and mileage deduction
  • And more!

MileIQ works on Android and Apple platforms and is available in annual, monthly, or limited plans.


Download MileIQ for free today so you can see it in action for your needs.

Use this special download link, and your free account will be tagged with a 20% discount if you ever decide to upgrade into the paid version of MileIQ.


QuickBooks Inventory: Advanced topics and tricks webinar

Does your business use QuickBooks to track inventory?

Want to learn more about some of the advanced features of various QuickBooks versions beyond just setting up inventory parts?

If so, my upcoming webinar is for you.

Here is just a sampling of the topics to be covered:

  • How assemblies work in QuickBooks and how they are different from groups (Premier and Enterprise)
  • How to duplicate parts (Pro, Premier and Enterprise)
  • A review of the unit of measure functionality (Pro, Premier and Enterprise)
  • How the multi-location tracking works (Enterprise with Advanced Inventory)
  • How lot/bin/serial tracking works (Enterprise with Advanced Inventory)
  • Much, much more...

Get more details (and an early bird discount if you want to register!) on this webinar today!



Vertex SMB - A Sales and Use Tax Management Solution for QuickBooks

Do you find your business struggling to manage sales and use taxes?

Looking for a more automated sales and use tax solution that also integrates with QuickBooks?

If so, you may be interested in the Vertex SMB solution.


Here are some of the features of their solution:

  • Calculations and returns in one one place - perform tax calculations and generate PDF ready returns all in one place
  • Use tax calculations - calculate and report use taxes
  • Exemption certificate management - store, update and manage your exemption certificates
  • Sales tax rate files - get the rate files you need for the specifics of your business
  • Works with QuickBooks!


Vertex SMB is designed to be easy on the budget - you simply pay for what you use every month. No long term contracts involved - pay for the service monthly.


Vertex SMB is the business division of Vertex Inc. dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. Vertex calculates tax for over 10,000 taxing jurisdictions across the globe and tracks and maintains over 600,000 unique taxability rules across tax types.


See how the Vertex SMB sales and use tax solution that integrates with QuickBooks can benefit your business today!


Learn How to Get Paid Faster from Your Customers

Want to get paid faster?

Get a better handle on managing your customer accounts receivable?

Funding Gates is offering their Ultimate Receivables Training Management Program in February, and I wanted to be sure you knew about it. Here is your special bonus discount code to save 20% on your registration: ARPRO


The program consists of three key segments:

Part 1: Key Accounts Receivable Metrics

  • Master the A/R ratios that determine the health of your A/R
  • Run and analyze monthly reports and trends
  • Get actionable insights and develop a working game plan

Part 2: Setting Up the Right Receivables Management Process

  • Understand when and how to set the right payment terms and credit limits
  • Learn best practices around invoicing and electronic payments
  • Set up the right tools for managing this critical area

Part 3: Active Receivables Management

  • Flag problematic accounts that need attention
  • Gain the knowledge you and your team need to take action
  • Stay on top of your A/R tasks


Anyone can get trained -- whether it’s your staff, your accountant or bookkeeper, get the tools for your team to be super-effective in receivables management. Access your online training program from your home or office; all you need is your computer.


Funding Gates is extending a very special discount to you as a reader of my blog - just enter ARPRO at the registration page and you'll save 20% on your registration.

Learn more about the Funding Gates Accounts Receivable Management program and register today to take advantage of their early bird registration discount!


What a genius idea! For Dummies book series tackles sales tax

Repost from Avalara.com

Life lessons. They’re never ending. There’s the stuff that you’d like to learn like paddle boarding, pasta rolling, conversational Spanish, and there’s the stuff that you have to learn, like web design, drywall hanging, and programming the DVR. We’re guessing sales tax falls into the latter category. Because, let’s face it, unless you’re a member of Mensa (or a masochist), sales tax is hard. And boring.

But now it doesn’t have to be. Avalara wrote the book on making sales tax easy. No seriously, we did. Okay, we had a little help on the “easy” part from the folks at For Dummies. Yes! That’s right; those massively popular bright yellow and black books that that offer useful instruction on, well, everything.

Odds are you’re familiar with For Dummies. Hard not to be, with more than 1,800 titles to choose from on everything from sushi to sewing to search engines and now (with Avalara’s help) sales tax.


The beauty of these DIY guides is that they take topics that are inherently overwhelming to most of us and condense them down into something digestible. Who doesn’t love that? Sales & Use Tax Compliance for Dummies is a 49-page powerhouse of plain speak on everything sales tax from understanding nexus (the obligation to collect sales tax based on sales activities) to product taxability to proving tax exemption to registration and returns filing. There’s helpful tips to avoid costly mistakes that could led to an audit and practical reasons to consider automated tax software to make compliance easier to manage.

It’s a simple, straightforward look at a not-so-simple problem and a primer on why getting sales tax right is so important—and so hard to do on your own. There’s counsel for businesses of all types and sizes on how to make this process easier and business cases for tax-decisioning software that works right in the financial systems you already use in your business—from QuickBooks for smaller businesses to ERP or ecommerce systems for larger companies with more complex selling structures.

It’s a quick read (and a must read)! Download your free copy of Sales & Use Tax Compliance for Dummies.

Download Now


Online Freight/LTL Management Software for Small Businesses

Does your business regularly make shipments by LTL?

Do you find yourself wasting time gathering quotes, typing bills of lading and trying to manage your carrier relationships?

If so, you'll want to take a closer look at Freightview.


Freightview software was created to solve the pain points small businesses experience when it comes to freight shipments.

It provides the ability to:

  • Dramatically cut shipping-related costs
  • Improve shipping efficiency and productivity
  • Gain visibility and insights to optimize freight shipping
  • Maintain control of carrier relationships


The Freightview product was designed specifically for small and medium businesses like yours, and allows you to:

  • Quote - collect and compare multiple carrier quotes on a single screen
  • Book - select the best option for you, using your carriers, your rates, and your schedule
  • Print - automatically print bills of lading and shipping labels complete with PRO numbers
  • Track - view shipment status from any device
  • Report - review historical cost analyses to optimize your decision-making

Even better - this is all done in one place. No need to hop around multiple web sites or software apps to make it happen.


Freightview provides you with the ability to take a 30 day test drive of the software with no credit card required for the trial.

Once the trial is complete, your cost is $99 per month per location. You can use their handy on-site calculator to get a feel for what your monthly savings will be.

See what Forbes and WhataSoftware are saying about Freightview.


At this time, Freightview has the ability to connect to:

  • Salesforce
  • WooCommerce online merchants
  • Other systems via their API

Here's hoping they build a connector to QuickBooks and add it to this list!


Is Freightview something your business is interested in? How do you deal with your LTL quoting and freight management today? Please drop your comments in the box below (or click the "view in browser" link in the top of your e-mail version of this blog post) and let us know your thoughts - thanks!



QuickBooks and Inventory Management for Distributors

Are you a distributor or wholesaler considering QuickBooks for your inventory and accounting needs?

Already using QuickBooks for your distribution or wholesale business and trying to track your inventory more effectively?


I have put together a special publication that focuses on some core needs of distributors and compares the functionality of QuickBooks against that of Acctivate, a leading inventory management add-on for QuickBooks.

Download the guide today and get more details on some of these critical needs for distributors:

  • Buying the same part from multiple vendors
  • Backorder tracking and reporting
  • Connection and integration with UPS and FedEx
  • Inventory costing capabilities
  • Multiple locations/warehouses
  • More!...


If the interest in getting your QuickBooks and inventory sorted out is there, but time isn't, I can definitely help.

Take advantage of my 30+ years of accounting, inventory, IT, QuickBooks, and CFO experience for your business. Contact me so we can discuss your situation in more detail.



Getting Lenders to Compete for Your Business with Fundera

Pinch me.

I must be dreaming.

Lenders competing for my business?

No way.



As with many industries, the internet has proven to be a "disruptor" to the way things have been done in the past.

Fundera appears to be bringing this disruption to the process of getting loans and financing for small businesses.

In this case, disruption is a very good thing, as this process has traditionally been viewed as nothing short of a pain in the you know where.


The process of working with Fundera looks pretty simple...

  • Fill out one application
  • Choose the types of loan products you'd like to apply for
  • Choose the best rate from the offers you receive


During the application process on Fundera, you can select from the following options:

  • Traditional term loan
  • SBA loan
  • Short term loan
  • Line of credit
  • Equipment financing
  • Merchant cash advance

Fundera works with a number of financing entities such as: Fundbox, LendingClub, SmartBiz and many others.

These organizations then review your application, and if there is a match, present you with their offer for consideration.

All of your loan shopping done in one place, with one application. What a great idea!


To date, Fundera has closed loans for over 850 businesses with a total loan value of more than $42 million.

They are backed by some of the leading names in venture capital, including Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital and a host of others.

Learn more about the Fundera philosophy and team members as you evaluate how their service can work for you.

Also, be sure to take advantage of their Small Business Loan Toolkit to help you get ready.


I'd love to get your thoughts on the Fundera approach and if your business would use them the next time you need a loan or financing. Please drop you comments into the box below or post them directly.

Have direct experience with the Fundera process? Even better. Let us know how it worked out for you - thanks!



Easily Access QuickBooks from Two Different Locations

I am seeing a common theme that runs through the various QuickBooks message boards on a regular basis.

It goes something like this...

"How do I back up my Quickbooks somewhere so my husband can retrieve it and restore our computer at the office, while I am on vacation working"

Or something similar...

"How can we both access QuickBooks when we are not in the same location?


In the old days, the solution to the above scenarios was to futz around with flash drives or trying some other solution that ended up causing more grief than benefit, and usually causing somebody to overwrite QuickBooks with an older copy of the company data.

While those old-fashioned solutions still exist, I recommend QBox as a MUCH better alternative instead.

QBox allows you to easily sync QuickBooks data across different computers, and those computers don't have to be in the same place.

One computer could be out in the field during the day and the other be in the office.

A bonus for you - QBox can be used to share not just QuickBooks files, but Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more.

Get a free trial of QBox by clicking on the red button in the upper right hand part of their home page.

See for yourself just how easy the QBox solution is...you'll never mess with a flash drive to pass around QuickBooks files again!