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Build Assemblies in QuickBooks - Differences in the Premier vs Enterprise Editions

When it comes to building assemblies and kits in QuickBooks, both the Premier:Manufacturing and Wholesale and Enterprise:Manufacturing and Wholesale editions offer the functionality.

However, there are some key differences between the two versions that you should understand. My video below will provide a quick overview of these key differences in the build assembly process in the Premier and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks:


Can't see the video above? Watch it on my YouTube channel.

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Add or Remove Columns to Various Screens in QuickBooks

Want to add the "memo" column or "ship date" to your customer information screen?

Feel like removing columns you don't need from other lists in QuickBooks?

If so, the "customize columns" option is exactly what you need.


On many of the screens within QuickBooks, you can right click your mouse, and a menu of options will appear. When working with lists (customer, vendor, inventory, etc.), one of the selections you will see is the "Customize Columns" option.

In this example, I want to add both the memo and ship date fields to my customer screen to have them for easy reference. Here's how I would do it:

  • Open the customer center
  • Hover over the right hand part of the screen and right click my mouse to bring up the menu that appears below:

  • Click the "Customize Columns" option and I then see a screen that looks like this:
  • While on the screen above, I will choose to add the "Memo" and "Ship Date" fields. Once I do that, I will click "OK" to return to the customer list

I now have the memo and ship date fields showing automatically in my customer list.

Go ahead - now you try it! As you can see, this one menu option can make your lists display the information that is important to you...




QuickBooks and Inventory Management for Distributors

Are you a distributor or wholesaler considering QuickBooks for your inventory and accounting needs?

Already using QuickBooks for your distribution or wholesale business and trying to track your inventory more effectively?


I have put together a special publication that focuses on some core needs of distributors and compares the functionality of QuickBooks against that of Acctivate, a leading inventory management add-on for QuickBooks.

Download the guide today and get more details on some of these critical needs for distributors:

  • Buying the same part from multiple vendors
  • Backorder tracking and reporting
  • Connection and integration with UPS and FedEx
  • Inventory costing capabilities
  • Multiple locations/warehouses
  • More!...


If the interest in getting your QuickBooks and inventory sorted out is there, but time isn't, I can definitely help.

Take advantage of my 30+ years of accounting, inventory, IT, QuickBooks, and CFO experience for your business. Contact me so we can discuss your situation in more detail.



What One Feature Would You Add to QuickBooks?

A question for you...

If you were in charge of the development of the QuickBooks desktop product, what is the one new feature that you would want to add?

Please post your thoughts in the comment box below (or directly to the live blog post)

Thanks for taking the time to offer your insights!




Is There a Big Learning Curve Between QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise?

It is often said that a picture can be worth a thousand words.

When it comes to QuickBooks, that theory certainly applies.

See if you can spot any differences in the two graphics below:

Graphic 1:


Graphic 2:

Not seeing any differences? (Graphic 1 is from QuickBooks Premier and Graphic 2 is from QuickBooks Enterprise - you can see the workflow is exactly the same between them!)

That is by design, and it emphasizes a key point...

There is no big learning curve when your business makes a move to the Enterprise version of QuickBooks. They function the same way.


Sadly, many businesses that need the power and flexibility that QuickBooks Enterprise provides are afraid to make the move because they fear this massive learning curve and disruption to their business.

Simply not anything to worry about.

You create an invoice the same way in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

You enter and pay a bill the same way in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

You run a profit and loss report and balance sheet the same way in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

Naturally, QuickBooks Enterprise has more features and functionality and Pro or Premier. And it should, since it is more expensive (though I can get you a very nice discount on your QuickBooks Enterprise purchase).

Don't let the worry of having to completely re-learn new software keep you from exploring the Enterprise version of QuickBooks.




Easily Access QuickBooks from Two Different Locations

I am seeing a common theme that runs through the various QuickBooks message boards on a regular basis.

It goes something like this...

"How do I back up my Quickbooks somewhere so my husband can retrieve it and restore our computer at the office, while I am on vacation working"

Or something similar...

"How can we both access QuickBooks when we are not in the same location?


In the old days, the solution to the above scenarios was to futz around with flash drives or trying some other solution that ended up causing more grief than benefit, and usually causing somebody to overwrite QuickBooks with an older copy of the company data.

While those old-fashioned solutions still exist, I recommend QBox as a MUCH better alternative instead.

QBox allows you to easily sync QuickBooks data across different computers, and those computers don't have to be in the same place.

One computer could be out in the field during the day and the other be in the office.

A bonus for you - QBox can be used to share not just QuickBooks files, but Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more.

Get a free trial of QBox by clicking on the red button in the upper right hand part of their home page.

See for yourself just how easy the QBox solution is...you'll never mess with a flash drive to pass around QuickBooks files again!



Building Assemblies in QuickBooks - See Shortages Quickly

Does your business work with assemblies in QuickBooks?

If so, you'll want to know about a new feature in QuickBooks Enterprise that will allow you to quickly see component shortages that may cause a delay in producing the assembled item.

For example, let's try to build more of an assembly item (a 1500-PM) than QuickBooks says I can. As soon as I try to save it, a window like this appears:

Note the "Show Shortage" button above. If I click it, I get the following information instantly:

This shortage report directs my attention to those items where there is not enough of them to finish the order! It's up to you to take action from there...

You'll find this feature beginning in QuickBooks Enterprise 2015. It is not found in the Premier or Pro versions of QuickBooks.




Will QuickBooks Work with Windows 10?

Are you chomping at the bit to bust out of Windows 8?

Thinking about making the move from Windows 7 into the new Windows 10 at some point?

Not sure how your QuickBooks will work if you upgrade?

According to the QuickBooks and Windows 10 FAQ page, the only version of QuickBooks that is supported with Windows 10 is QuickBooks 2015.

If you use a version of QuickBooks earlier than 2015, it *may* work out just fine for you. Then again, it may not and you'll be scrambling for answers that may not exist.

Personally, I'm waiting for the dust to settle with Windows 10 for a few months before making any type of move. It looks very intriguing to me, and I will definitely be upgrading my Windows 8 machine to it sooner rather than later.

What about you - are you planning to upgrade to Windows 10?




Adding Subtotals to Invoices, Sales Orders, Quotes, and Purchase Orders in QuickBooks

The Enterprise version of QuickBooks (starting with the 2015 version) brings a very helpful new feature to you...

You now have the ability to add subtotals to the following columns on invoices, sales orders, quotes and purchase orders in QuickBooks:

  • Amount
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Cost

As a special bonus, you can add a subtotal to custom fields that you have created your items as well.


Head over to your items list (Lists > Item List), click the Item button at the bottom, then click New.

From the dropdown list that appears, choose Subtotal.

Give this subtotal a name and choose what you would like to subtotal from the list that appears. Here is an example screenshot:

Subtotal Item


For many businesses, this new feature will save a bundle of time and help avoid tedious manual calculations.

In the event your business needs even more calculations to be done within various QuickBooks transactions, you will want to check into the FormCalc add-on for QuickBooks.




60.9% of customers prefer a call from their service techs

The folks at Jobber recently shared the results of a study done by Technology Advice.

Their survey of 3,800 individuals took a closer look at their experiences with service technicians.

If your business has field service teams (even if it is just you!), you'll want to study these results - they will offer some insights on how to improve your business (and hopefully your profits!).

  • 78.6% of technicians arrived on time. (said another way, 1 in 5 did not show up on time!!)

  • 79.8% of technicians fixed the problem the first time

See more insights on the Jobber blog now.


While QuickBooks is great at accounting, many business find it falls short when it comes to the following needs of service businesses:

  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching
  • CRM
  • Invoicing in the field
  • Team management
  • Task tracking

This is why an entire ecosystem of programs and apps have been created that plug into QuickBooks to help service businesses be more efficient and more profitable.

Jobber is one of those apps (a very good one too!), and there are others out there as well.

Been thinking of ways to improve your service business while keeping QuickBooks? Let's talk...