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Alternative to QuickBooks Online: LessAccounting

If your business is considering cloud-based accounting software, one of the first options that comes to mind is QuickBooks Online.

However, it is important to know there are alternatives as well. One of those I'd like to introduce to you is called LessAccounting.

Here is a short video I created that gives you an overview of LessAccounting:


Naturally, you'll want to evaluate the features and benefits of any accounting software package against the needs and requirements of your business. LessAccounting could be a good solution for many small businesses, but those with more complex accounting (think inventory or job costing for example) may find that it doesn't work for them.

In addition, here is a handy page that offers a feature comparison of LessAccounting vs. other accounting software packages.


Feel free to share your experiences with LessAccounting, QuickBooks Online or any other solution you have been considering or using in the comment box below - love to hear them!




Win a Full Year of Solo FreshBooks - A $240 Value

It took me a while, but I finally got it...

QuickBooks is simply overkill for many businesses. They don't need a full-blown general ledger and the related complexity to track the finances of their business. But in many cases, it is the only choice that their accountant provides them or the only solution they see when visiting the big box retailers.



I have forged a relationship with the folks at FreshBooks to provide a very viable alternative to those businesses that don't need the horsepower of QuickBooks and that desire to have anytime, anywhere access to their books.

To kick off that relationship, we have put together an opportunity for you to win a full year of their Solo FreshBooks product. That's right - a $240 package could be yours for free!

To enter the contest - all we ask is that you answer a few questions about how you keep informed about ways to keep your business sharp. That's it!

The winning entry will be selected and the winner set up with a full year of the Solo FreshBooks product for free.

Good luck!

Questions about FreshBooks? Give them a call at 877-262-5122.

Last date for entries: Friday, August 27, 2010 @ midnight EDT.One entry per person. Void where prohibited.