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Will QuickBooks Work with Windows 10?

Are you chomping at the bit to bust out of Windows 8?

Thinking about making the move from Windows 7 into the new Windows 10 at some point?

Not sure how your QuickBooks will work if you upgrade?

According to the QuickBooks and Windows 10 FAQ page, the only version of QuickBooks that is supported with Windows 10 is QuickBooks 2015.

If you use a version of QuickBooks earlier than 2015, it *may* work out just fine for you. Then again, it may not and you'll be scrambling for answers that may not exist.

Personally, I'm waiting for the dust to settle with Windows 10 for a few months before making any type of move. It looks very intriguing to me, and I will definitely be upgrading my Windows 8 machine to it sooner rather than later.

What about you - are you planning to upgrade to Windows 10?





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Blog about how to fix your PDF issues with Widows 10.

Have Quickbooks 2015, upgraded to Windows 10 but QB keeps freezing and I have to restart.

Is this related?


I use QuickBooks Pro 2007, and it worked fine on Windows 8.1, but in Windows 10 I am unable to print at all, nor save as PDF, nor export to Excel or even a CSV file. Can't print invoices nor sales receipts. I can't afford the $200 for QuickBooks 2015 (and that's the discounted price), so I had to go back to Windows 8.1. Fortunately, I just use QuickBooks to record transactions, so I'm open to an alternative application. I was searching for one when I found this site. Wish me luck. :)

Just upgraded to windows 10 and I cant send invoices from QuickBooks 2012!!
Great.... It says PDF cant be created.
Disaster, more money to spend as a small business, QuickBooks 2015 I guess.


Thank you for your comments on the QuickBooks Enterprise subscription issue.

You may want to get some clarification - even if you drop the full service and support plan (FSP), you will should still be able to e-mail invoices directly out of QB. You should be able to do this as long as your version is supported (i.e. QB 2014 is supported through 5/31/17).

The other features you mentioned (i.e. Advanced Inventory and Reporting, etc.) do get turned off if you don't renew.

Scott Gregory

I agree with all the angry Enterprise users about the outrageous plan renewal pricing, and would like to add that when I told QB that I opt to NOT renew just keep using my fully purchased copy, I was told that not only advanced inventory and reporting will stop working, but ALSO Emails from within QB! ie, will not be able to email an invoice etc. directly, but rather save as PDF and email as attachment. They will lose loyal previous owners of enterprise including me. New price is plain greedy and bordering blackmail. What other features will they turn off in order to keep us hostage?

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