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I am seeing a common theme that runs through the various QuickBooks message boards on a regular basis.

It goes something like this...

"How do I back up my Quickbooks somewhere so my husband can retrieve it and restore our computer at the office, while I am on vacation working"

Or something similar...

"How can we both access QuickBooks when we are not in the same location?


In the old days, the solution to the above scenarios was to futz around with flash drives or trying some other solution that ended up causing more grief than benefit, and usually causing somebody to overwrite QuickBooks with an older copy of the company data.

While those old-fashioned solutions still exist, I recommend QBox as a MUCH better alternative instead.

QBox allows you to easily sync QuickBooks data across different computers, and those computers don't have to be in the same place.

One computer could be out in the field during the day and the other be in the office.

A bonus for you - QBox can be used to share not just QuickBooks files, but Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more.

Get a free trial of QBox by clicking on the red button in the upper right hand part of their home page.

See for yourself just how easy the QBox solution'll never mess with a flash drive to pass around QuickBooks files again!




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