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And You Thought the Three Year Support Cycle for QuickBooks was Painful

Will there be a flood of businesses converting from Sage 50 (formerly known as Peachtree) to QuickBooks in the weeks ahead?

Seems like that may be the case based on some buzz I'm seeing.

Apparently, users of Sage 50 are getting some nasty surprises about changes to their support plans as outlined in these blog posts:

NOTE: Here is the official word from the Sage web site.


In studying the details provided by these businesses, it appears that Sage has decided to only support the current year of their software. So, it looks like businesses using any version of Sage 50 prior to the new 2015 edition are in a big bind, as they won't have access to services such as payroll and credit card processing as of July 31, 2014 without purchasing an upgrade.

And you thought the Intuit three year support program was troubling!


It will be quite interesting to see how this plays out in the world of QuickBooks in the months ahead.

Based on what I'm reading here, the push is on to try and get more businesses into a monthly payment cycle for their support and even for their software (see QuickBooks Online for a perfect example).

What are your thoughts on this? What would you do if Intuit adopted a policy like this in the future?

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Thanks for your comments.

As we know, the push is on at Intuit to move everyone to the cloud.

It will be very interesting to see how the 2015 desktop product line is priced. I sense another price increase coming from last year, but we'll see.

Scott Gregory

Well of course Intuit will adopt this policy. That will cause the desktop product to be more expensive than the discounted Online product and will be the straw that breaks the camel's back. From strictly a cost perspective, it will push everyone to QBO and for Clients who only care about "getting their taxes done", they'll settle and only use the most basic features of QBO rather than use QB's as the financial management tool that they should. Then, eventually, only the early adopters will get the discount, and QBO will once again be an expensive option for small businesses, but now there won't be a choice.

what would we do if intuit decided to only support the current year and not previous versions? well, that's easy, we would contact people like you to help out! Pam

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