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Building Better Business Finances: Profitability by Product Report

The manufacturing and wholesale edition of QuickBooks has several reports that aren't found in the other versions of QuickBooks.

One of those is the "Profitability by Product" report located by clicking Reports > Manufacturing and Wholesale Reports.

Here is a screen shot of the report (click the image for a larger view):

Profitability by Product Report Version 2

This report makes it easy to see the following details about inventory items, assemblies, and even non-inventory parts:

  • Total revenues by part
  • Total costs by part
  • Gross margin by part in dollars
  • Gross margin by part in %

Note that this report is similar to the "Sales by Item Summary", but that report does not show the total costs for non-inventory parts, and the layout of the report is quite different.

Hope you find the "Profitability by Product" report to be helpful in your business!






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Can I recreate this same report in my Quickbooks Pro 2012 (non warehouse version) ? Our retail store is online drop ship and we aren't accountants and just want to see this same data by product. Thank you.

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