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Tips to Organize Your QuickBooks Memorized Reports

Where in the heck does QuickBooks store the master list of memorized reports?

Click Reports (in the menu bar) > Memorized Reports > Memorized Report List, and you'll discover exactly what you are looking for.

Once you discover this list (sample screen shot below):

Memorized Report Master List

you have the ability to (via the Memorized Report button in the lower left hand corner of the list):

  • Create a new memorized report group
  • Delete a memorized report or a memorized report group (you must delete the reports inside of a group before deleting the group!)
  • Edit the name of a memorized report
  • Print a list of your memorized reports
  • Re-classify a memorized report from one group to another (bonus tip: click the diamond to the left of the report name, hold down your mouse button, and drag/drop the report to the group where you want it to go)
  • Much more...

Memorized reports are a terrific features in QuickBooks. By keeping the list of memorized reports organized and functional, it will save you even more time in working with QuickBooks each day!





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