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While recently working with some clients on their QuickBooks running slow, we also reviewed problems they had with their internet running slowly.

They were pleased to discover that there are ways to easily test the speed of an internet connection to discover if there are problems that need attention. My favorites are:

Each of these services tests your "download speed" and your "upload speed" for data traveling to and from your computer to the internet. I suggest you run these tests over several days to see if there is a pattern to the results. The tests take mere seconds to run.

In most cases, the download speed will be much faster than the upload speed - that is normal.

What is NOT normal is if the results of these tests are well below the speed of service you are paying for each month. Not sure what speed you are paying for? A quick review of your internet bill should provide those details, or a call to customer service will confirm them as well.

Due to some technical issues, you may not get exactly the speeds you are paying for, but your results should be well within 10-20% of your promised speeds.

In one case, the client was suffering from speeds that were 85% less than those promised by their internet provider. They got in contact with the provider, some repairs were made, and the speeds were back to where they were supposed to be.

There may be a number of factors in play that are causing your internet to "run slow", but this is a simple step to take to start figuring out what the problem is. Your IT support group can provide additional insights and solutions if problems are discovered.

Do you have a favorite internet tip or tool to share? Please post it in the comment box below and share it with our community.





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