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Are there little gremlins lurking in your QuickBooks file, just waiting to cause you a headache soon?

Here is one way to find out quickly and easily - run the verify tool that is built into QuickBooks.


Think of your QuickBooks file as a filing cabinet containing lots and lots of records relating to the money in and money out of your business.

Just like a paper filing cabinet gets cluttered and filled with junk, your QuickBooks data file can do the same.

Sadly, QuickBooks doesn't really provide any early warning system to alert you to potential trouble ahead.


Take the following steps once per month with your QuickBooks file (be sure to do this on the server if you are in a multi-user setup):

  • Click File (in the menu bar) > Utilities > Verify Data

Let QuickBooks run the verify tool on your data to help ensure your "filing cabinet" is as clean as it can be.

If trouble is discovered during the verification process, QuickBooks will sound the alarm and tell you that it needs to rebuild your data file.

If you see the rebuild message, do not wait - go directly to the rebuild process as that indicates there is some potential corruption of your QuickBooks data that needs to be fixed ASAP.

While the above steps can't guarantee there won't be any trouble with QuickBooks, they sure put the odds in your favor since you'll be taking a proactive approach to monitoring and managing it!





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