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QuickBooks "aborts" after inactivity on my computer - what's up with that?

I have fielded a number of QuickBooks calls recently with a similar set of circumstances...

Each person is reporting that after a period of inactivity (say 15-20 minutes) on their PC, their QuickBooks would stop working and display the infamous "Abort" message. At that point, their only option was to shut down QuickBooks and begin again.

The common solution we discovered - turning off all power management options on the PC. Depending on your version of Windows, click Start > Control Panel and then look for power management options. Once there, turn off any power management that relates to the hard drive (screen savers are ok).

Once we did that, these problems went away!

If your problems persist after taking this action, a deeper investigation would be needed. Contact me for help with your QuickBooks.





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