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QuickBooks: Make the Manufacturers Part Number Visible on Your Item List

If your staff constantly reference the manufacturers part number for your inventory items in QuickBooks, you'll want to show them how to display it in the item list.

Here's how...

  • Open the Item list
  • Go to the Item box in the lower left hand corner and click "Customize Columns" (or you can right click within the screen and select as well). You'll see a screen that looks like this:
    Customize Columns Screen Shot

  • The left hand side of the window has the columns that are available to add to the item list. The right hand side has a list of columns that are already visible.
  • Click the MPN option, then click the Add button. Click the Move Up button if you want to reposition the MPN column within the item list and then click OK.

Once you have completed these steps, the manufacturers part number (if present) will be displayed along with the part number and other critical data your team needs to see in the item list. No need to double-click into the item to see that information.

REMEMBER: Each user of QuickBooks will have to repeat the steps above if they want to see the manufacturers part number in their item list. This is not a "company-wide" setting.





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