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Can I Change the Font or Colors in My QuickBooks Reports?

If you ever have the need to increase the font size on a QuickBooks report or modify the color settings, there are options for that.

Nestled inside the "Modify Report" button that shows up in the upper left hand corner of each report you will see a tab that says Fonts & Numbers. Click it, and a screen like this will appear:

Fonts and Numbers Options

Let's take a closer look at the options here:

  • The left hand side of the screen will allow you to change the font for various portions of the report (i.e. column and row labels, etc.).
  • The upper right hand side of the screen gives you some formatting options relating to negative numbers on reports (let's hope that does not include your profit and loss report!!)
  • The lower right hand side offers the ability to format the look and feel for the numbers that appear on a report (i.e. don't show cents).

If you don't like the changes you have made to a particular report, just click the Revert button and the report will return to what it looked like originally.

Remember - once you have the report formatted just as you like it, click the "Memorize" button at the top of the report. This will take a picture of the report as you have it, so you don't have to fuss with the formatting options the next time you run the report.





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