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Will QuickBooks Show Me Estimate vs. Actual for My Jobs?

So how did the profits look on the last job you completed?

Not really sure how it turned out?

It is essential that your business have a solid idea of how your estimated revenues and costs on a job compared to the actual revenues and costs.

QuickBooks can help you do just that with a few built-in reports.


If you need some help with the basics of setting up jobs inside QuickBooks, take a look at my training video on tracking jobs and projects in QuickBooks.

Assuming you have the basics in place and have created an estimate/quote for a job, getting to the report that shows the estimates vs. actuals is easy.

Click Reports > Jobs, Time and Mileage. From there, you'll see a number of reports (which varies based on the version of QuickBooks in use), but everyone will see:

  • Job Estimates vs. Actuals Summary report
  • Job Estimates vs. Actuals Detail report

The screen shot below is from the Estimates vs. Actuals Summary report (click the image for a larger view):

Estimates vs Actuals

Once here, you can easily drill-down into the details of any value that appears for more information.

If you only want to see the above information for a particular customer or job, select the Job Estimates vs. Actuals Detail report option and you will be prompted to choose the specific customer/job in question.


If the concept of estimates vs. actuals appeals to you, but you don't have the time or background to get QuickBooks set up properly, I can help.

I work with businesses all over the United States to help them get QuickBooks working efficiently for their needs.

Please contact me to explore your situation in more detail.





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