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QuickBooks 2013: 10 Improvements on My Wish List - What's on Yours?

QuickBooks 2013 will be on its' way sometime this fall if the past is any indicator of the future with Intuit.

UPDATE: QuickBooks 2013 is here!

Wish ListLet's cut right to the chase - here is a list of improvements I would sure like to see appear in QuickBooks 2013:

  1. Make the "press Enter key" preference turned on by default! This will help thousands of new QuickBooks users avoid getting instantly frustrated. Unless they know about this magic preference, most users just hit the Enter key assuming it will move them to the next field. Wrong! They lose what they are working on and begin to mutter obscenities under their breath. It doesn't have to be this way.

  2. Set a default class for customers, vendors or items. Why force the need to enter the class manually for each transaction? Many businesses using the class tracking feature of QuickBooks would benefit significantly from this capability! 

  3. Add some early warning notice about list limits and file sizes! As I have found in working with hundreds of QuickBooks users over the last decade, a very small percentage are even aware of the 14,500 list limits in the Pro and Premier versions or QuickBooks. Nor are they aware that there is a point in time when their data file gets too big for itself and causes heartburn and headaches. Needless to say, they get pretty angry when they find out about these limitations of QuickBooks the hard way. Give your users some advance notice about these issues.

    Want to learn more about the list limit and file size concerns? Download my free guide now!

  4. Include the PO number field in the "customize fields" option on the customer screen. When a business is calling about the status of an order, they reference their own purchase order number and don't care what number is being used by QuickBooks to track it. Give businesses the opportunity to easily see that field in this list.

  5. Provide the ability to drilll into open purchase orders related to a customer from the customer center. If a purchase order has been tagged with a customer or job, why not allow that to be cross-referenced in the transaction portion of the customer screen?


And here are five more improvements on my wish list for QuickBooks 2013:

  1. Make it a lot easier to "unhook" the QuickBooks web connector and Intuit Data Protect from a QuickBooks installation. Thousands of businesses have no need for the web connector and thousands more have found a better alternative to the QuickBooks Online Backup service. Don't force them to get into the msconfig option of Windows to make them go away.

  2. Actually display the custom fields that exist for items. Most businesses have monitors that are far bigger than those that came with the TRS-80, so let them take advantage of that and be able to see the item custom fields without having to click.

  3. Allow the "to do" items to be either unique for each user or global for the entire company. Why muck up the list with every to do from every user? A tweak to the setup of to do items would certainly make this area of QuickBooks far more functional.

  4. Revise the report customization tools in QuickBooks. As I said in my wish list for QuickBooks 2012, this area of QuickBooks has received no noticeable improvement that I am aware of for the last ten years. It's time for an overhaul. It is great that third party report customization tools like QQube for QuickBooks exist, but many would benefit from some greater functionality right within this area of QuickBooks.

  5. Overhaul the budgeting features and capabilities in QuickBooks. Somehow, I think this functionality of the software has totally fallen off the map with the developers. We've seen nothing new in this area either for many years. It is well overdue.

These are my suggestions for QuickBooks 2013.

Weigh in with your own wish list in the comments box below!




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If you are using the Premier version of QuickBooks, you can create a PO from a sales order quickly and easily. None of the versions of QuickBooks allow you to create a PO from a sales receipt.

As for the other issue, have you tried some of the sales by item reports to get what you need?

Scott Gregory

I have a small business and have been using QuickBooks since Windows 95. Either I have not figured out how to do it or there are a few things that I would like to see if they are in fact not there. Otherwise I would like to know how to find them if they are there somewhere. 1) I would like to be able to generate PO's from Sales Receipts. I know this may seem odd but I make sales and then I have to contact the vendor to fulfill those orders. So for every sale I make I have to go though a lot of manual work. 2) I have not found a way of finding out everyone that has ordered a particular product. I would like to be able to generate a report on everyone who has ever ordered a "whatever". This would be great so that I could easily offer those customers items that compliment "whatever". If I had somehow over looked something about doing these two issues, please help me.


The Enterprise edition of QuickBooks has a much more detailed set of user permissions and security than the Pro and Premier versions.

More details in my guide on user security and permissions in QuickBooks:

If you need to purchase QuickBooks Enterprise, be sure to get it from me:

Scott Gregory

How about improving the range of user access restrictions i.e i caught one of my sales reps changing the price of a stock item that he later sold to a lower one so his figures at the end of the month looked better.


Not sure if you know it, but you can have the group item details print out on forms like sales orders and invoices.

However, you can't select/limit the forms you print the details on - it is all or nothing.

You can certainly submit this to Intuit as a suggestion via Help > Submit Feedback.

In addition, why not have a "customized item" that is used only on the sales order that includes blank lines for what the shop employees have to write in?
We can consult further on that if you like.

Scott Gregory

I need for Group details to print on Sales Orders, but not the Invoice. I have a custom Sales Order form which I label Work Order. The Work Order is printed as a job costing tool for my shop work. Employees can write actual time and materials on the Work Order. My customer doesn't need to see that detail.

Do you see this change being made?


The newer versions of QuickBooks (20111 and on) have a separate remittance and ship to addresses for vendors now. See my post for more details:

To save 20% on your upgrade to QuickBooks 2013, please visit my web site:

Scott Gregory

We have many suppliers who have a separate remittance address from their address used for other purposes such as where to send purchase orders. QB doesn't accomodate this situation.

Ron Houston

How about printing checks on blank stock for those of us that have more than one checking account. I know that there are 3rd party addons but it would be nice to work inside the QB software.


Why not just use the check register to record these entries instead of the record deposits screen, and then use the split feature and note "check" or "c/c" in the memo line?

Scott Gregory


Excellent idea here - we have the ability to write-off an underpayment to a ledger account of our choice. Why not allow the write-off of an overpayment the same way? Sure would be a lot less hassle having that capability programmed in...

Scott Gregory

I run a small nonprofit and use Quickbooks Premier Nonprofit Edition. I've been yelling at Intuit for years about something that needs fixed, but have yet to even get a reply.

We have a small child sponsorship program. Each month we bill the donor for an amount due, typically $25. Some people add a bit extra; $5, $10, whatever. When I go enter their payment, QBs doesn't know what to do with the extra amount. I have to option of either issuing a refund or a credit. I don't want to do either of those. I want to take the extra as a donation into out general account. But I can't DO that, because Quickbooks can't do split deposits.

Allow for tracking under customer, etc. for checks & cc entered directly in DEPOSIT. I would like to use the DEPOSIT feature w/o Invoice or Receipt for check & credit cards but I need it to show up somewhere. (its a great short cut when you only need the who & $$ & no one needs a record besides the deposit)

One other thought - how about better job cost reports - like a nice job profitability summary report for all open/active jobs? Something with just one line of data for each job showing actual costs versus actual revenues and the difference. Simple and short.

Here are some GREAT IDEAS!

1. Allow me to edit the design/layout of my checks! Seriously Intuit - are you that greedy that you have to sell me your checks? Why can't I design my own check layout? Maybe I want other items to print on my checks or remittance advices than you do? Open it up like other forms!

2. Allow me to disable that stupid credit card processing mandatory password change by allowing me to disable permanently the use of credit cards thereby not requiring me to change the password every 90 days!

3. How about better data utilities? Rebuild and verify? How about allowing me to edit the offending records that cause the data errors in the first place?

4. I agree with the author of this post - update the budgeting functionality - it is really behind your competition - it is LAME!


You make an excellent point about this capability.

I have seen some businesses put the SO # in the memo box of the PO so at least they have some kind of cross-reference there.

Not pretty or automated, but it does help.

Maybe we'll see this in QuickBooks 2013 too!

Scott Gregory

Rhonda and Peter:

I'm curious - what process do you currently use to handle pre-payments to vendors for inventory?

Seems like I might want to develop a short training video around this idea - look forward to your feedback.

Scott Gregory

I agree with the comment 6. Pre-payments to vendors - we have some suppliers where we don't have an account, just for occasional supply of parts, etc. We pay them in advance for the items. So the money's gone but the items are not here yet.
We have monthly inventory counts and if material has not arrived yet but is showing as being in here in the system it gets confusing.

link SO to PO like SO to invoices.
If I want to know which invoices I made from an SO, I can check the transaction history. But knowing which PO's I placed according to a specific SO is not possible. Pain especially when there's multiple PO's to one SO. It's an easy link. why has it been left out?

1. For pity's sake let us get to the MPN field somewhere other than the item list and purchase orders.
2. A user defined template for items - its really annoying to have to enter the income account every time, and amend the tax fields (they are not always the same).
3. A repeat feature for items - when entering 6 versions of an item (size, colour, whatever) screaming frustration can result.
4. Make the custom fields for all objects accessible through tools like QODBC. My main QODBC application deals with purchase orders. I tried adding a custom field to Supplier to store free-into-store values. That was fine, but I cannot display the fields in the supplier centre and they're not accessible with QODBC. Made the whole exercise pretty futile.
5. Bite the bullet, redesign the database. It may once have been an edifice of architectural purity but now it's surrounded by a shanty town of lean-to data structures. Which is probably why it is so difficult to provide access to some of the data in places where you think it should be easy. And why it gets so slow sometimes.
6. Pre-payments to vendors - we have some suppliers where we don't have an account, just for occasional supply of parts, etc. We pay them in advance for the items. So the money's gone but the items are not here yet.
7. Options on "Pay bills" to make payments to several suppliers as a single (split) transaction. When I pay several bills in one payment on our online banking systems the bank records a single payment but QB separates it into one payment per supplier making reconciliation of the bank statement a challenge.

My wishlist:

I think that QuickBooks needs to add an option to handle PREPAYMENTS for Vendors.

Where you can make a payment to Accounts Payable (but link it to a PO) so when the bill is created in the future, it asks you to set the credit to that bill.

Ability to highlight (or tag in any way) specific transactions on a report by simple clicking on it. Then be able to use these highlighted or tagged transactions on the Reclassify window..


Thanks for your detailed comments on this article.

I'm curious - the "make deposits" is designed to deal with customer payments, NOT vendor payments.

Granted, there may be the oddball vendor check that needs to be deposited and your approach to do that as a separate deposit usually solves the problem.

Are you dealing with a large volume of vendor checks to deposit for some reason? I can't see Intuit rewiring the deposit screen for something like this, but who knows...

Scott Gregory

Link refunds deposited via "Make Deposits" to the Vendor, so they show in the Vendor Center transaction list and Vendor Quick Reports (important), and, display the vendor name in the bank account register (nice to have, but probably not feasible due to often multiple items are deposited).

Many of my clients are still "register" oriented, and, are very annoyed that, when using the Make Deposit form, that the deposit displayed in the bank register does not show who the funds came from in the Payee field, just a blank. One has to drill down on every deposit in the register to see the source(s). I realize that many deposits have multiple Payees, but in the case of a single item deposited from one vendor, it should be easy to display the vendor name, as it has been entered in the Received From field on the Make Deposit form.

Also, even though the vendor name is entered in the Received From field on the Make Deposit form, it does not include the deposit in the Vendor Center transaction list for that vendor, or, in a Quick Report for that vendor. The only way to find it is to use a FIND on the vendor name.

Myself, I've gotten into the habit over the years, of depositing refunds separately via Make Deposit, then, going into the register and typing the vendor name into the payee field on the deposit. (Or I just enter the deposit directly into the register and fill in the Payee field.) This causes the deposit to display in the Vendor Center transaction list AND on a quick report for the vendor.

(Of course, if the refund is deposited with other items, neither workaround is a viable solution, as only one payee name can be entered on the deposit in the register.)

Personally, I don't have a huge need for the vendor name to display in the bank account register. But, I do have an issue with the "Received From" not causing the transaction to display in the Vendor Center transaction list and on Quick Reports for the vendor.

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