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QuickBooks Cash Flow Statement: How do I reassign accounts for this report?

Interesting question came in from a client recently...

"Our bank line of credit account is set up as an "other current liability" in our chart of accounts, so it shows up in the Operating Activities section of our Cash Flow Statement. How do I get it to show up in the Financing Activities section? Isn't that where it should be?"


Small businesses would definitely argue that line of credit activity should show up as a financing activity, since they are relying on the line of credit to finance the business.

Accountants would pull out the textbook and say it is really considered an operating activity and QuickBooks is classifying it correctly.

Good news - you can classify accounts however you like on the cash flow statement. Here's how...

  • Click Edit (in the menu bar) > Preferences > Reports and Graphs > Company Preferences > then click the "Classify Cash" button. A box like this appears:
    Cash Flow Statement Preference
  • As you can see, once you open this box, you can reassign accounts to show up based on your preferences for the QuickBooks Cash Flow Statement.

Should you need to reset it for some reason, just click the "Default" button and this report will return to the default presentation of the accounts.





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